9 Summer Beauty Products You Can Score From Amazon For Under $10

As a Minnesotan who has to endure the harsh reality of a cold and long winter, I’m relieved that June has officially arrived.

As the Summer season begins, there’s always a few summer beauty items that I NEED to purchase before going to the beach or otherwise hot outing where I need my makeup to last and skin to stay NOT BURNT.

These summer items are refreshing, protective and long-lasting. Best of all, they are cheap and effective AND they all can be found on Amazon.

They are all under $10 as of June 12, 2019 on Amazon.

The best summer beauty items under $10 on Amazon

1. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater (4 oz)

I love this facial spray and it is one of my favorite summer beauty products! Not only do I use this facial spray as a refresher to cool off on hot summer days, I also use this spray to set my make-up and give my skin a “dewy” look!

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2. Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner Lotion, 4 oz.

Alba Botanica has amazing, trustworthy products. Their products are 100% vegetarian!

Their sunless tanner is great because you don’t have to risk the health of your skin in order to look tan!

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3. Crest 3D White Toothpaste Radiant Mint 4.8 oz (3 pack)

I love whitening toothpaste because I can clean my teeth and whiten them at the same time.

I need whitening toothpaste as I always drink coffee and wine. Not the best habits, but at least I can admit that I am NOT perfect. Brushing my teeth with whitening toothpaste helps me feel more confident about my smile and confidence is key.

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4. Blender Beauty Foundation Blending Sponge

These blending sponges are perfect for being on the go!

If you need to reapply some concealer to cover the famous summer acne that pops up when we sweat on summer days, it’s easy to carry these sponges around!

The best deal? These sponges come in a pack of FIVE! You can have a sponge at home, in your purse, car backpack, and beach bag!

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5. Batiste Dry Shampoo, Cherry Fragrance

Dry shampoo is an essential summer beauty item for me year-round as I don’t like to wash my hair everyday. However, I find that I need to use even more dry shampoo in the summer as I am always sweating outside (gross but whatever).

I’ve tried many dry shampoos but Batiste is the best! Any of their dry shampoos  come in various fragrances and they all work well.

I love the cherry one because it makes my hair smell goooooood.

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6. Almay Clear Complexion Concealer

OK, so this is by far my favorite concealer.

This concealer easy to use and carry around. It covers well enough and  blends easily.

Even better, Almay’s clean complexion concealer has salicylic acid in it so you can quickly recover from and prevent any future breakouts.

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7. Essie Nail Polish

I cannot afford getting my nails done all summer (I prefer spending my money on massages). I find more value in buying a few expensive bottles of nail polish that will last the whole year and getting my nails done professionally maybe a few times a year for special occasions and when the really need maintenance.

I have the same bottle of Essie nail polish from three years ago that I don’t use often that works amazing! I’ve never had a bottle of Essie nail polish go bad. I’ve been able to use my Essie nail polish as long as there was polish left in the bottle that I could get.

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8. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

OK so I have big lips and they ALWAYS are dry. Having a moisturizing lip balm that also protects your lips from the sun is key. Jack Black is actually a brand for men’s skincare, but I am a fan their products.

I know this stuff is a little spendy for lip balm, but I think having one spendy lip balm and one spendy lipstick/colored lip gloss is essential for any lip lover.

Having a good quality lip balm is especially important  if you want to protect your lips ad want good UV protection.

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Summer is the time where we go to the beach, park, for bike rides, basically we spend all day out in the sun.

Unfortunately while the sun is pleasant it also can cause my son (even if he does wear sunscreen), my husband and I irritable skin if we are outside all day.

Nothing works better for sun burnt and irritable skin than aloe vera. This aloe vera gel works wonders on my aggravated skin.

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More To Love: Rosehip Oil- The Best Beauty Oil For Your Hair AND Skin

Do you have some favorite summer beauty products to share? Comment below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma

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Under $10 Amazon Beauty Products



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