Why Is Hollywood Hostile? My Thoughts On Anti-Christian Television

Is Hollywood Anti-Christian?

I get asked often if I believe that Hollywood is anti-Christian.

I can see why people would ask me this question. I am actually NOT the type of Christian that shies away from media that doesn’t align with my Christian values.

However, there is a difference between media that simply isn’t Christian versus media that is anti-christian.

For example, I have friends who aren’t Christian. However, them not sharing my Christian beliefs does not make them anti-christian.

Therefore I understand this tough question because its clear that Christian values aren’t exactly prominent in the movie and television industry.

Furthermore, it’s easy to spot media that will go the extra mile to purposely make fun of and even try to criminalize Christianity.

However, I don’t want to make a blanket statement that Hollywood is completely anti-Christian.

Here are a few basic key points that I have made when discussing Hollywood’s anti-Christian views:

  • We all know that the exclusive members of Hollywood are predominantly liberal
  • It’s more than obvious that many of these exclusive members of Hollywood are also anti-christian
  • Popular shows like Shameless don’t have any problem with condemning Christians
  • There are famous actors, singers, musicians, reality stars, etc. who are Christian
  • There are famous actors, singers, musicians, reality stars, etc. who aren’t Christian but who also don’t condemn Christians

Not everyone in Hollywood is “bad”, so as Christians we cannot condemn nor judge Hollywood and it’s elite group of members.

However, we need to ask ourselves THIS question:

As Christians, should we continue to support television shows and other media avenues that openly condemn Christianity and it’s members?

Hollywood’s Weird Obsession With Condemning Christians

Certain members of Hollywood are fixated on  making a point to condemn Christians.

Take for example the VERY popular show Shameless, who’s shows seemed to become more anti-christian as their episodes progressed.

I myself was once a fan of Shameless.

I honestly really enjoyed the first few seasons because of how honest and raw the show was. Shameless did do a good job at showing the life of a lower-class Chicago family and how class can affect one’s entire lifestyle.

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Later seasons of Shameless

Shameless was great the first few seasons but got progressively more shocking as each new episode was aired. In season six Fiona gets an abortion and works her hardest to convince Debbie to have an abortion as well.

In season 8, Ian’s character  creates a “Church Of Gay Jesus”. He also takes the Bible out of context and it makes me cringe. To me it’s just not necessary as there are so many other options for Ian’s character outside of making fun of a whole belief system in one of the worst ways.

When television shows go “too far”…

I felt attacked when watching later seasons of Shameless because it got too personal for me. My convictions tell me that it is not necessary sit and poke fun at someone’s beliefs.

What’s worse is that you aren’t just making fun of Christians, but also Jesus. Again, it is not necessary.

I should have stopped watching Shameless before it even got to the Church Of Gay Jesus point. Shameless was a shameful show long before that happened.  But I shamefully didn’t (see what I did there) stop watching Shameless. I now regret ever watching that show.

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I really think that Shameless is (trying) to push agendas down their viewers throats and really, if the show didn’t start that way, why would you think that the viewers would like that? Sorry, this isn’t the View (that show is INSANE).

The more that Shameless tries to push their agendas, the more shallow it really becomes. I will not watch season 9 when it releases on Netflix (it is estimated that Shameless will release on Netflix this Summer).

Television and other media outlets are becoming hostile towards Christianity

As an almost thirty year old, I can’t say I remember a day where the media wasn’t worldly.

However, I can handle the media and enjoy what they put out there even if I disagree with the lifestyles that the actors are portraying, or even real life scenarios.

I watch Modern Family even though I disagree with the lifestyle of many of its characters, and watch SO MUCH reality television. It doesn’t bother me when people don’t live perfectly because I am not perfect myself. I cannot judge anyone who isn’t Christian!

However, I have a problem with television and other forms of media when they go out of their way to make fun of Christianity. While it is not my job to judge people who do not have respect for my belief system, I can pray for them and discontinue any activity with them that has an affect on my very soul.

Another example is the recent season of Santa Clarita Diet which is a a Netflix original. While I loved this show at the beginning, the Christian character on season three (the female cop) is constantly being made fun of for her Christian beliefs.

And while I watched the whole season already, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth. The daughter on that show almost always says God’s name in vain and honestly I just don’t understand why the disrespect is necessary.

(Apparently Santa Clarita diet was cancelled. Hmmm….)

Some final thoughts

I do believe that watching anti-Christian television can impact someone spiritually.

As I grow older, I am beginning to be mindful at what I hear and see on television and I am more aware of how the media is impacting me.

I’m getting better at turning off the T.V. when I feel that I am being attacked spiritually. When a television show is disrespectful towards my Christian beliefs, I know for sure that it’s time to turn it off.

I Trust in God’s Unfailing Love Matte Brown Gilded Coffee Mug, Psalm 13:5

What are your thoughts when it comes to the media? What is acceptable for you? What is completely unacceptable? Share in the comments below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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