Rosehip Oil- The Best Beauty Oil For Your Hair AND Skin


I’ve never had terribly bad ache, but I’ve never had really good skin; either. Lately I’ve also started noticing more scars and dark spots on my face.

My hair isn’t crazy amazing, tbh.

Sometimes my hair will be healthy, but then I will damage it again for a new color. I guess I always want the haircolor that I don’t have.

I tried fading creams and other products for my skin  but nothing did the job right. I’ve also tried many “reparative” products and acne skin products to avoid getting acne. As a mom on a budget, I knew that I couldn’t keep spending money on beauty products for my skin and hair.

The benefits of rosehip oil

Then the miracle product came into my life a few months ago that solved many of my beauty concerns: Rosehip Oil!

It made a difference after the first few days on my hair and on my skin. It’s my staple oil for all things beauty. My acne scars are fading, I am less acne prone. My hair is healing and it even helps as an overall moisturizer for my body when combined with Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer .

Rosehip oil for hair and skin

Now that I love rosehip oil, I also bought CHI Rosehip Oil Protecting Conditioner and it’s my favorite conditioner. Smells amazing too!

To  order the same rosehip oil that I purchase from a skincare product line called The Ordinary (which is made by Deciem, a company that prides itself on the integrity of their products)  you can order the rosehip oil on Amazon Prime.


You can also order this rosehip oil from Sephora for under $10, but you will also have to pay a shipping fee unless you have Sephora flash shipping.

I don’t know about you, but I love an easy skincare and hair routine. And when I find a beauty product that has multiple uses, I tend to get extra excited. I hope that you order rosehip oil for yourself as I have had great success with it!

Have you tried rosehip oil? Please let me know thoughts on this amazing beauty product and any tips that you may have!

-Holly, the imperfect momma

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rosehip oil for your hair and skin



  1. […] the ordinary rosehip oil – Called the queen of carrier oil. Good oil for cosmetic, cell regeneration prevents premature skin aging and softens wrinkles. Good for eczema, psoriasis, PMS and menopause. When combined with calendula oil, it treats stretch marks, burns or scars. Cold pressed from the seeds of rose hips, it pale yellow light texture. Wonderful carrier oil for skin care. […]


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