Why God Wants You To Prioritize Your Spouse Over Your Kids


How God wants us to prioritize our Christian marriage

We love our kids and do everything for them. We are their chauffeur, nurse, caretaker, teacher, counselor, cleaner, and spiritual advisor. We love to help them in any way we can so that they are raised up to be the Godly man/woman that God intended them to be.

However, along the path or parenting, sometimes we forget our call to marriage and the promises that we made in our vows. We forget that God loves marriage, and that’s why he WANTS us to prioritize marriage over parenting.

Think about it this way:

Someday, our children will grow up. In most circumstances, they will move away and have a family of their own.

Who will be left in your household?

Your spouse.

Your children will always be family, but they will become more like visitors, not permanent residents in your home. (Of course, they will always be permanent residents in our hearts, xoxo).

Insert corny ahhhhhhs here.

Your spouse will be the only person who you will be coming home every day to.

Will your relationship be cultivated enough where you still find your marriage meaningful after your children move out? Or will you be left wondering “who is this man/woman in front of me”?

I know it’s hard, because our kids are our babies. I’ve been there before and know what this is like. But I realized somewhere down the road that my marriage is important.

Of course my child’s needs have to be met. Of course I need to spend time with him, raise him up right and help him with schools, sports, when he’s sick, or when he needs to talk…

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But my husband needs me and I need him too.

It’s all about finding a happy medium. Knowing that your kids will only be young once, but also understanding that your spouse is your partner on this Earth. For better or for worse. Till death do you part.

Read This:

What the Bible says about prioritizing your marriage

Prioritizing your spouse is a benefit for the whole family, and when you put your spouse before your children you honor God. It’s not always easy to make time-but it’s always worth it when you do. When your relationship is thriving with your spouse- your kids see it and feel it. You are also being a good role model.

Some final christian marriage advice

Marriage is a gift. You should love your spouse and your children- but making your spouse a priority is more important than devoting all of your time to your children.


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