WORTH PLANNING TO SEE (Unplanned Movie Review)

Quick note, I went to Marcus Theatres to see Unplanned. The movie is still be played at some of their locations. You can click here if you want to find Unplanned movie showtimes that are closest to your area. 

Unplanned movie review

Unplanned is hard movie to watch because it’s brings to light the reality of abortion and Planned Parenthood’s true agenda.

Unplanned’s pro-life message is powerful and passionate, devastating and driven. During the entire movie, my emotions were at an all-time high.

Here’s why:

Unplanned is a reality check for everyone

I knew walking into the movie theater that abortion was prevalent and painful, but to hear Abby Johnson’s story and get a visual on what actually goes on behind Planned Parenthood’s doors and in a procedure room gave me emotions that I have never felt before.

Below is an excerpt from Unplanned, the book (which was published in 2011).

The following text is taken from the first chapter of Abby Johnson’s book Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader:

The next movement was the sudden jerk of a tiny foot as the baby started kicking, as if it were trying to move away from the probing invader. As the cannula pressed its side, the baby began struggling to turn and twist away. It seemed clear to me that it could feel the cannula, and it did not like what it was feeling. And then the doctor’s voice broke through, startling me.

“Beam me up, Scotty,” he said lightheartedly to the nurse. He was telling her to turn on the suction — in an abortion the suction isn’t turned on until the doctor feels he has the cannula in exactly the right place.

 Planned Parenthood, empowerer of women?

I truly believe that Planned Parenthood isn’t an organization that is designed to empower and offer women the right to “decide” what they want to do with their bodies.

Rather, I strongly believe that Planned Parenthood is an organization that chooses to put money over morals.

Planned Parenthood is rightfully “the villian”

There’s a certain level of deception that Planned Parenthood places on the women that walk through their doors.

While some women who get an abortion are aware that abortion is a morally corrupt procedure, there are other women who are talked into, manipulated, and sometimes even forced into abortion.

Women (especially those who are in a vulnerable state) deserve better. They deserve hope, help and honesty. Abortion is heartbreaking and harmful, not glamorous and guiltless. 

 I believe that Planned Parenthood exploits the bodies of babies and women for profit.

Pulling Back The Wool From The Eyes Of Pro-Choice Victims

 Unplanned has removed the wool over the eyes of many people who once called themselves pro-choice. Unplanned’s pro-life message is one so potent that those who have called themselves pro-choice are turning away from abortion as well as Planned Parenthood. 

It’s incredible to me that God can take an act so tragic (abortion) and a person who has clearly sinned (Abby Johnson) and use her and the experience that she had for a greater good.  

Think about this (the kicker):

Abby Johnson (the youngest ever Planned Parent Director) is now pro-life with many children of her own AND the clinic she once worked at was shut down! Then, 40 days for life bought the clinic and made the building their new headquarters! Can I get an AMEN!

God used Abby for the greater good despite her scarred past. Her story has removed the wool from the eyes of many. Since the movie has been in theatres, 1% of abortion workers want out of the industry.  Many other pro-choice advocates are now pro-life advocates after seeing Unplanned.

God is good. 

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Quote against abortion
Quote against abortion

My Final Thoughts On Unplanned- Should You See It?

If you haven’t seen Unplanned yet, definitely think about it. The only thing you may want to keep in mind is that it is rated R, and there are some gruesome and sorrowful scenes. This movie requires a mature audience.

Unplanned is the movie that you have to see to remind yourself that the legal genocide of babies takes place in many countries. While the movie (in the end) gives you a triumphant feeling, the truth is that baby’s lives are more at risk than ever. On January 22nd, 2019 New York passed a bill that allowed abortion to be performed up till birth.

This bill (the Reproductive Health Act)  was passed on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade allows abortions up until birth has limitations that (unfortunately) seem to be open-ended.

Additionally, yesterday South Korea’s top court overturned a ban on abortion that has been in effect for  66 years. 

If you want to support the pro-life message and movement…

Pro-life organizations are always looking for assistance. 40 Days for Life is a great pro-life/anti-abortion organization. Abby Johnson’s nonprofit, And Then There Were None, helps women who work in the abortion industry leave safely and provide support.

There are numerous pro-life organizations out there that need your time, talent and treasure if you are willing to give in any way.

God Bless and thank you for reading this pro-life article. Please share your thoughts by commenting below and pin the below image to support this pro-life blogger!

Unplanned Movie Reviwe






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