My 9 Favorite Stress Relieving Products On Amazon

Children are a blessing! As mothers, we love our children and want what is best for them. However, between setting up playdates, shopping for their everyday items, planning fun activities, taking care of them when they are sick, teaching them about everything under the moon, etccccc………..BEING A MOTHER CAN BE STRESSFUL!!!

Sometimes it’s nice to go to the spa to relax. However, the spa can be expensive as well as takes up a huge chunk of time. Not all mothers have time and/or money to go to the spa! That’s why I shop for stress relieving products on Amazon because I need something daily to help relieve my stress. I don’t have the time or money to go to the spa EVERYDAY, because I get stressed EVERYDAY. That is the reality of motherhood.

My Favorite Stress Relief Items On Amazon

Thank goodness for Amazon, which solves some of the many problems that mothers face daily. Amazon has almost everything. Here are my favorite stress relieving Amazon products, my favorite are the stress balls!

Stress Balls Amazon

My favorite way to de-stress throughout the day is picking up a stress ball. I love that I  can have a stress ball at my desk, or on the kitchen counter, or anywhere throughout the house and pick them up when I need to release some anger so that I don’t take my stress out on a loved one. It’s a similar feeling to screaming or punching a pillow, but less dramatic.

My two favorite stress balls are both made by the same company! They sell fun “doughy” stress balls that are fun to play with and relieve stress. I’ll admit it, I still am somewhat like a kid so these stress balls are like sensory toys for me!

Now please keep in mind that these stress balls don’t have the best reviews on Amazon as they aren’t super durable. However, I love using them just to relieve some stress and as long as my child does not get ahold of them they don’t break. Many people don’t realize that these aren’t the type of stress balls that you can buy your toddler and leave crappy reviews. I love these stress balls and am annoyed at the silly reviews people leave for them.

Schylling Nee Doh Stress Ball Colors Shipped Randomly Stress Ball

I love this stress ball because it comes in a fun neon color!

Schylling Pink NeeDoh Gum Ball Squishy, Squeezy, Stretchy Stress Balls Gift Set Bundle – 2 Pack

These stress balls are super cute because they look like large gumballs! Yes, I know I am immature! But I love these!

 Firm Stress Balls/Hand Exerciser

 TheraBand Hand Exerciser, Stress Ball for Hand

If you want a firm stress ball, I would suggest buying a hand exerciser, which you can squeeze as hard as you want and you will strengthen your hand muscles in the process.

Stress Relief Supplements

OLLY Goodbye Stress Gummy Supplement

There are some pretty good stress relief supplements, OLLY supplements are well-known for their good quality! I would recommend these if you are looking for stress relief supplements that don’t make you feel sleepy.

Stress Relief Spa Products On Amazon

Stress Relief Lotion

Aveda Stress Fix Body Lotion, 6.7 Ounce

I go to Aveda’s store to purchase their products as they give great advice and samples if you request them, but if you can’t make it to their physical store you can buy their product through their store online or Amazon! Aveda’s stress-fix lotion smells amazing and works wonders to help relieve stress as well as soreness in the  body.

 Stress Relief Spray

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy (Stress Relief, Eucalyptus + Spearmint)

I love everything that smells like Eucalyptus and Spearmint. This spray is amazing to spray on a pillow! If I have five minutes, I take a break and just smell this scent in! I also have a pillow for my bathtub that I can spray this on!

Aira Mist Stress Relief Organic Room Spray

Another product that is eucalyptus and spearmint scented! This organic stress relief spray made with essential oils helps purify the room you are in as well as make it smell like you are in a spa! AHHHMAZING!

Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts

Dr Teals Lavender Epsom Salt – Soothe and Sleep – 2 bags (6lbs total)

Eucalyptus and spearmint again for the win! This set also comes with lavender bath salts! I love Dr.Teal’s epsom salt because epsom salt helps relieve sore muscles and they contain essential oils!

Anxiety Rings

Sensory Finger Rings (Pack of 10)

If you have anxiety like me and fidget all of the time, these rings are a great tool to help keep your hands busy! I haven’t bought an anxiety ring yet but I might since I keep hearing about them!

The Bottom Line: Stress Isn’t Fun

I get stress on the daily; there is nothing I can do to stop stress from happening. However, I do use products to help relieve stress and you can too!

Do you have any stress relieving tips? Share in the comments below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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My 9 favorite stress relieving products on Amazon


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