Abortion Is Now Legal Up To Birth In New York- Bill Passed On The Anniversary Of Roe v. Wade

All about the Reproductive Health Act
My son’s face at the ultrasound where we found out that he was going to be a boy! I will never understand how women can abort their own children

All about the Reproductive Health Act that was passed on Tuesday

The New York state legislature voted Tuesday to eliminate all protections set in place for unborn babies.

This horrific bill was passed on  the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and its timing is no coincidence. 

The state senate passed the “The Reproductive Health Act” (puke) on Tuesday (January 22nd, 2019). Previously, the limitation for abortion was set at 24 weeks.

Limits to abortions beyond 24 weeks

The bill states that there are limitations to qualify for an abortion after 24 weeks. Senate Bill S240 states that an abortion can be done after 24 weeks if it “is necessary to protect the patient’s life or health”. What necessary is determined by the “good faith” of the practitioner.

These limitations don’t seem limited at all. In fact, they seem pretty open-ended…

How far has abortion come since Roe v. Wade?

Although I am for women’s rights, I feel like this is another women’s rights movement that has gone too far (abortion, in general, goes far beyond what should be acceptable when it comes to women’s rights).

Like the #metoo movement (which was a witch-hunt on men) this bill is also a witch hunt  (but it’s directed towards innocent babies).

And while abortion has been legal for decades, the restrictions on abortion are slowly diminishing.

Where has this pro-abortion movement come from? Abortion has never been so celebrated and so accepted! I never expected any state to pass a law that allows the mother to abort their child up to their due date.

There’s not much more I can say because the injustice is so strong I’m not even sure how anyone can argue it! I wonder what will become legal in another 50 years.

We need to pray for whoever agrees with this bill that they turn themselves to God and let his light and truth speak to them instead of greed and selfishness.

We need to help people understand HOW WRONG THIS IS!!!

What are your thoughts on this bill and why? I can’t wait to have a discussion.

-Holly the imperfect momma



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