Christians- Stop Idolizing The Famous

Do you think that you might be idolizing celebrities?

Disclaimer: In this article, I am not speaking towards all Christians. This article discusses the general behavior that I have witnessed from many Christians who spend an hour with God every Sunday and then go on with their worldly lives.

I also wish to address that this is a behavior in my daily life that I am struggling with as well. Writing about issues that I struggle with helps put things into perspective for me so that I can continue to improve on myself and develop a closer relationship with God. 

Moving on…

In this day and age famous celebrities, musicians and athletes (especially athletes) are worshipped more than God himself. Unfortunately Christians also have celebrity worship syndrome. 

What is celebrity worship syndrome?

Celebrity worship syndrome is an unfortunate disorder (obsessive addictive) in which the affected person is immensely  involved with any sort of information on a  famous person’s life (professional and personal).

Most people who have this disorder are obsessed with one or more singer, athlete, television and/or movie star. However, to qualify for celebrity worship syndrome, one must be obsessed with at least one individual that is in the public eye.

This disorder is more common than people realise.

A 2001 Canadian study found that almost 60% of it’s participants thought that their favorite celebrity had influenced their beliefs and/or inspired them to partake in an activity.

Celebrities often times influence our world more than “normal” people. Their looks and/or abilities are coveted by many. Is using celebrities as a part of our decision-making a healthy process?

For example, this 23-year-old man spent $150,000 on plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. I am not judging anyone’s actions. However, I’d like to point out that this is not healthy behavior.

Deep down, we all know that celebrity worship isn’t healthy. 

Do you suffer from celebrity worship syndrome?

There’s a difference between admiration and idolization. The most important thing to remember is that God gives us everything that we haveand even these stars that have taken over our television screens are mere humans (like everyone else).

All of their talents-such as their ability to throw a ball, or sing a worship song, or make us laugh-comes from God.

That being said, it’s okay to like football and listen to music and watch movies. What’s not acceptable is desiring to be more like these people, or to worship these people, or to want to be near them or think they are any greater than any other person.

If you are letting these celebrities into your soul (and influence your relationship with God in a negative manner) there’s a problem. 

It’s not okay…

It’s not okay to spend an hour in church once a week and then go home, take off your church clothes and put on a football jersey and only pray when your team is one field goal from a win. Why don’t we promote God’s great work and the abilities that he gives these football players?

It’s not okay to let the women and men on our television screens influence us more than our Heavenly Father does. While he gives everyone their abilities-God also gives them free will. We cannot let celebrities influence our souls unless they are trying to spread the Good News.

It’s also not okay to worship Christian artists and other celebrities that practice Christianity.  We praise their work and worship them even when they sing/speak on of the importance of humility.

Spending time with God

To have a desire to live according to God’s will, we need to spend time growing our relationship with God. Christianity isn’t a one hour a week “job”. As our most crucial relationship, we need to devote our time, talent and treasure into glorifying God.

Christianity isn’t a popularity contest where famous people should be more important and near God in our eyes. Christianity is all about accepting, loving and caring about every person on the planet. It’s about sending time with God and promoting God.

Remember that in God’s eyes that Christianity is the exact opposite of a popularity contest.


God created the same famous people that are worshipped throughout the world. Also keep in mind that he has power over them just as he has power over us. We should be promoting God, not spending our time and money finding out what our favorite celebrities are promoting.

Simply put: We are not called to idolize the people that walk this Earth. Instead, we are called to spread the Good News to everyone who walks on this Earth.

Your relationship with God should be your most important one

You should love God with all of your heart, however, it’s  not sinful to enjoy sports, movies and music

What is actually sinful is  the level of our time, talent and even soul that we put into the figures that most of the time we only see on a screen. We give these public figures more of us than we give to our own Father, our creator who we believe in.

Final thoughts…

Do you have any thoughts on this article? Please share in the comments below! I’d love to have a mature discussion.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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Christians-stop idolizing the famous






  1. Great post, Holly. This… “We give these public figures more of us than we give to our own Father, our creator who we believe in”… is so convicting. Even within the world of church and ministry we do this–we idolize our favorite speakers or Christian public figures. Thanks for the important reminder.


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