A World Without Judgement- What Would That Be Like?

What if the world became a no judgement zone?

An interesting question to think about:

“Would you begin to live life differently if judgement ceased to exist?”

thought provoking questions

God calls us to love one another and to not judge each other, yet that is something that humans do best.

To be part of a culture, one must conform to the rules, regulations and social norms of said culture.

As a “member” of a certain society, one must dress a certain way, act a certain way and follow cultural norms. Throughout history things like clothing, art, or mustic style has always affected a person’s everyday life. Even what is accepted in terms of parenting has changed. Our culture affects EVERYTHING about our lives.

But what if we lived in a world without judgement, would we be better or worse people? Keep in mind, living without judgement also is living in a world without laws.

How would you feel living in this type of world?

I think a world without judgement would free my mind to be exactly who I wanted to be without fear of oppression or seclusion. A world without judgement would force me to take responsibility for my actions because I can’t blame them on anything else (such as society, my parents, my teachers made me this way by forcing me to conform).

A world without judgement would also be dangerous. Someone could kill, and we could not judge or trial them for it. As a society, we would just have to allow murderers and pedophiles move along, ruining whatever lives that they want to, letting them be even without a negative thought towards them.

The thing is, we aren’t capable of observing without judging. And this is a good thing, to an extent.

Humans can’t ever seem to find a happy medium.

I’d like to think that a world without judgement would lead to less angry people.

There would be no desire to compete against one another if there was no judgement based on wealth, strength and ability.

There would be less anger over humiliation, or pain.

People would be able to focus more on their family instead of trying to be better than one another. There would be less alcoholism, less drug use, less hardship. People could actually focus more on happiness and matters of the heart and soul.

Less judgement would ultimately lead us to focus our efforts on making the world a better place. Building technology to live  longer.

No one would focus so hard on making sure they had the best clothes, or nicest cars or get boob jobs or hair implants.

Or perhaps less judgement is better than no judgement as judgement is necessary for a functional society.

Could we live in a world where judgement was only given when absolutely needed?

Great products from Amazon that promote a no judgement lifestyle

Our human minds are not capable to judge only when necessary because we are sinners. The truth is that it is unfortunately human nature to judge people on every little thing we possibly can, from what they are wearing to how much they make to how nice their hair looks.

We judge our neighbors, friends, co-workers, and even family based on their job position, or how many kids they have. We judge addiction and weakness when we should be stepping in as a loving and caring fellow human being.

People who have made past mistakes and have repented are still judged on actions that they truly are sorry for and which God has forgiven.

We can have conviction and share our beliefs and the good news without judgement. God calls us to love one another so that we can show what it means to have a relationship with God.

In terms of sin, who is the real villain? The person who has made a mistake that they are truly sorry for or the person who is continuing to judge them?

Judging the villain

I’ve noticed something spectacular about many recent superhero movies: there always seems to be a theme where most villains have a backstory about how they became the hard-hearted person that they are. These villains aren’t monsters without a soul, they are real people who have had some tough circumstances that make them who they are.

For example, in Black Panther, the villain (Erik Killmonger) lost his dad and became obsessed with avenging his father’s death. He goes after the throne that T’Challa holds in Wakanda, because T’Challa’s dad murdered his dad. I won’t get into this further because his story is complex, but it is relatable and the movie humanized Killkonger by sharing his backstory as well as to why he is avenging his father’s death.

While the Black Panther is fake, the Bible tells the same truth about life circumstances that lead to hard hearts. For example, when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery as they were jealous that their father loved him more than all of them.

Genesis 37:4- parent's should love their children equally

Joseph goes on to be appointed by the king to be in charge of the entire land of Egypt. There is a famine and his brothers come to visit, not realizing Joseph’s status. He helps his entire family and forgives all of them.

Not only did Joseph not wonder if he should hate his brothers, his dad or his entire family, he embraced them and took care of them (after teaching them an important lesson with the best of intentions). He softened their hearts by giving them unconditional love.

We all to be more like the Joseph’s of the Bible.  However, I know that there will always be evil in the world. As humans we are naturally disobedient, Adam and Eve (the first humans ever) proved this. But can you imagine how different the world would be  if there was less judgement, more love and more help for people who are struggling emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally?

Judgement in Christianity (there isn’t room for it)

I think as Christians we need to remind ourselves that our main objective is to save people, not break them and harden their hearts further.

Imagine if everyone knew that their God the father loves them and has a purpose for them. Just imagine. I know this will never happen, but this I do know: that our extreme judgement causes a world full of hurt.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop in a comment! I’d love to have a discussion with you!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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