Melting Snow With Salt- A Winter Science Experiment For Kids

I’m not sure about you, but as a mom of a preschooler I am always looking for easy science experiments to do with my kid.

This experiment is simple to do, all you need for this experiment is items that you probably have around the house anyways. The only thing that would restrict you from doing this science project is if you are from a warmer climate area.

If your kid(s) loves science, this snow melting science experiment is the perfect children’s science experiment for them! It’s easy and FREE (as long as you have the basic household items listed below).

All you need is the following household items and snow!

I’m a mom on a budget, so I can’t always afford expensive science experiments. I also don’t have tons of time to set them up as I work a 40 hour week as a digital marketing executive as well as manage my own blog.

For this science experiment, you will need to follow the directions below. Enjoy!

What you will need for this snow-melting science experiment:

      • Two plates (do not use paper plates as the snow will melt through them)
      • A scoop to scoop the snow out
      • A bowl to collect the snow
      • Salt
      • Timer

Melting Snow With Salt Science Experiment Directions:

Grab your plates, a bowl, salt, and a scoop, Go outside and scoop out some snow into your bowl.

Have your kid(s) scoop relatively the same amount of snow unto each plate.

It doesn’t have to be exactly the same amount, but for this science experiment to work you will need to put close to the same amount of snow on the two plates.

Melting Snow With Salt- A Winter Science Experiment For Kids

Then, the scientist will need to add salt to one of the plates. It’s best to use the large container of salt that you use to pour salt into the salt shaker as it will work better if you put more salt.

Melting Snow With Salt- A Winter Science Experiment For Kids

Set the timer for 15 minutes.

Make your predictions (hypothesis) like a scientist would. Have your child touch the snow where the salt was placed to see if that charged their hypothesis.

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Once my son touched the snow with the salt over it, he realized that the snow with salt on it got warmer. He then thought that the salt would melt the snow. However, before he touched it, he thought that nothing would happen.

Now wait until the timer runs out to see if your hypothesis was right. Our result was (obviously) that the salt melted the snow faster than it would without salt. We also talked about that’s why roads and driveways are salted in the winter.

If you want, you can go an extra fifteen minutes, but we were on a time crunch so this was a quick experiment for us. You can also check the snow more often if desired.

As my son would say, “that was easy peasy!”.

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Melting Snow With Salt- A Winter Science Experiment For Kids

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If you have any cool science experiment ideas to share, please do in the comments below! I’d love to hear your ideas as we are always wanting to do more projects!

God Bless!

-Holly, the imperfect momma


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