My 3 Favorite Christian Parenting Books

The Three Best Christian Parenting Books

As a Christian working mom, sometimes I have a hard time with parenting. I feel the need to prove myself worthy of being a “good mother”, because I’m not always around my child.

While I know that I’m being hard on myself, I also know that as I mom I  only have a small window of time to make sure I have the most positive impact on my child as possible.

A Good Source Of Christian Parenting Advice

It’s odd for a christian parenting blogger to admit this, but I do seek advice from other writers from time to time about parenting.

While online authors such as myself share some amazing wisdom, there is also a plethora of advice in libraries and bookstores about parenting. This blog post shares some of my favorite books that can help you as well in the parenting department. Don’t be afraid to admit that you need help, because we all do from time to time.

How To Choose The Right Christian Parenting Books

If you’re looking for true help with parenting, then focus on what matters most to you.  Helping your children to be kind and understanding is important, but what about their connection to God?

Raising your child in a Christian way is something is often considered as second tier, but this post will show you otherwise.

There are lots of great Christian parenting books out there, you just need to look of them.  Here are the top 3 books that are destined to make the difference in both big and small ways when it comes to Christian parenting.

best christian parenting books

1. Faithful Families: Creating Sacred Moments at Home

A great guide to help spirituality and faith find its way into your day to day life, this fantastic book  can really make a difference when you are looking specifically for ways to add meaningful practices and family faith moments into your life.

Included in this book is going to be real activities that can be worked into your life with little ones.  You’ll be able to use this book to help you respond to issues that arise throughout the day in a spiritual way, and also learn new spiritual practices at the same time that your children do.  Perfect for bonding in a meaningful manner.


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2. The Christian Parenting Handbook: 50 Heart-Based Strategies for All the Stages of Your Child’s Life

When you need an “A to Z” style book, this one is a great option. You’ll get advice on your children from ages 2-18 and you will be able to enjoy real techniques and tips that are focused on staying warm and loving so that you can have a deeper connection with your children.  Focused on implementing a biblical philosophy, this is a great helping guide to have close by.



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3. The Holy Bible

The best central guide by far is going to be – and will always be – The Holy Bible. The Bible has all of those crucial teachings right there in the same phrasings and format that you’re used to, and it will be a wholesome and timeless reference that you can teach to your child.

The Bible promotes bonding with your child and helps them to see the importance of  both day to day life as well as life’s guide in a more general sense.

It is a book given to us from God himself to help guide us through all of life’s trials, and to give us guidance and advice in every aspect of our life (including parenting).


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Christian Parenting – Difficult but Rewarding 

Parenting is one of the best jobs out there, even on the hard days. With these top three options to guide you in the right direction, you can make parenting as faith-based as possible so that both you and your children can benefit from a christian parenting style.


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