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Women’s Boobs And Why We Need To Talk About Them

Yes, the Christian girl is talking about boobs! Shocker right? (WRONG!) Christian women and men are not blind. We too know that boobs are awesome.

Since this is a  Christian working mom blog,  I figured this is a subject that needed to be talked about. It’s all about body positivity.

It’s interesting to think about the American culture. I’m not here to judge, but people get squeamish when women breastfeed in public but some of those same people go home and watch strangers have sex on the phones, laptops or any other device that they can get their hands on.

What’s worse, God-fearing people have shunned women that have chosen to breastfeed in church, calling it “immodest”…huh? God designed women to be able to grow and feed babies all from their body which I find absolutely spectacular. Shunning breastfeeding is like shunning God.

You Need To Not Care About Other’s Opinions On Boobs

Here’s another example of our topsy-turvy society and it’s weird priorities:


There are too many people playing the comparison game on this stressful social media platform. Let me tell you that I’ve learned to try not to beat myself up by comparing myself to fashion and bikini models on Instagram because:

  • Most of the pictures of “perfect looking people”  are filtered and then saved and then filtered again.
  • It’s not my job to look perfect.
  • My body is fine (actually beautiful) just the way it is.

This is not to say that I am putting anyone down on Instagram, especially the fitness gurus because your body is a temple and it’s amazing how healthy these people are. I however do not feel like I need to live up to their fitness standards, and furthermore I find my God-given body beautiful without having to work on it all of the time. (By the way, I do workout but I wouldn’t say I’m “into” fitness. A couple hours a week is good for me.)

Christian Marriage Advice On Boobs 

Christian Values

You need to love your whole self, boobs included.  To break the ice, I will admit that I love my boobs. They fed my child and will more than likely feed my next one, if God blesses me with another child.

God made boobs for a special purpose. For happiness in marriage, and to feed the whole family. Boobs aren’t weird, they are miraculous.

Shouldn’t I be a little more virtuous about this whole boob thing?

Ha! That’s a funny thought. I will tell you something about my favorite book, The Bible.  The Bible, my friends, talks about the beauty of boobs. Several times. You are still a Christian person with Christian values if you cherish your boobs (why wouldn’t you be).

Let’s be real. God made our boobs. He made men attracted to our boobs. He made our boobs for us to feed our children. And it’s it just boobs that are miraculous, the whole female form is just amazing.

So no, it shouldn’t be risky for a Christian blogger to write about boobs.

Boobs Are A Blessing From God 

I’m no Bible expert (I’m learning) but I don’t think our boobs are supposed to be shameful. Boobs are meant to be celebrated, no matter how big or small. They are beautiful before children and after. Their beauty lies within their capacity to do so many things for the people you love. You are either blessed with big boobs or small boobs. There are no boobs that are not a blessing.

You Are Beautiful With Or Without Boobs

I want to point out something very important.  God knows what he is doing. He did not make getting a mastectomy a death sentence like the way it would be if you lost your heart or your brain. God puts those things first. Although breasts are beautiful, there is more beauty that lies within.

See This Helpful Article For All Women:Signs Of Breast Cancer

Secondly, as I stated earlier, the female form is absolutely beautiful. God didn’t put all of a woman’s beauty in her boobs. Our entire bodies are a work of art.  So if you have lost your breasts, whether you choose to have reconstruction or not, you are still that beautiful woman that God created you to be.

Boobs Do Not Make The Woman

Not like I’ve been there, but my boobs definitely changed after having a kid and to me it wasn’t the end of the world. Yes I love my boobs, but I also love my whole self, inside and out. It’s great to celebrate the beauty of womanhood. Being a woman should definitely be celebrated.

Breast Removal And Marriage

There are so many things to love about you outside of your boobs and research proves that. Studies have shown that when a woman has surgery to remove her breasts, most women return to a healthy sex life 1-2 years after the surgery IF she had a healthy adult  relationship with her spouse before her surgery. A healthy relationship is built on a partnership of two people who love multiple things about one another. Losing a body part should not change that.

I Want Women To Stop Shaming Themselves In Public

Ladies, it’s time to stop talking about our bodies in a negative manner. It’s embarrassing. I’ve heard too many strong women criticize their own beautiful bodies, and in public around men no less. I find this type of behavior to be dehumanizing! (Why would you dehumanize yourself?)

I get it, society can be filled with constant pressure. Regardless I’m sick of hearing women complain about this or that on their body. We can’t move forward if we continue to make fun of ourselves and one-another.

I think that women are part of the problem and really need to change our perspective on what is beautiful. I am included in this because although I try to stay positive about my body, there are times that I fail. As long as we continue to degrade ourselves, sexism will remain prevalent.

everyday sexism

Women are so focused on what they look like and comparing other women to each other (this can cause a lot of pain for women) that are affected  on an emotional level. I see and hear women hating their bodies that were made beautifully and I personally have been affected (I was bulimic in high school, but that story is for another day).

Times Are Changing

Don’t feel bad for me about that confession, because my perspective on beauty has changed thanks to the miracles that God has laid down on me.

I can openly admit that  I have small boobs and stomach fat. I have some stretch marks and bags under my eyes and soon I will start getting wrinkles and only God knows what else. I don’t know how to do makeup well and I can never seem to curl my hair right. But it’s all beautiful because I know I was created in God’s image, and because of that I am more than good. I love my body and thanks to God I have a positive body image of myself. God has made me see beauty in what society would label as imperfection.

The Bottom Line

God made your body beautiful. And because of that you should love yourself. I’m not asking you to give up your makeup and hair straightener because I sure won’t. But I’m asking you to look in the mirror every morning and night and tell yourself that you are beautiful and worthy of self-love.

What is your perspective on this article? I’d really like your thoughts since this article was risky in a way. Please comment below to start a discussion.

-Holly, the imperfect momma

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