Children’s Spiritual Lesson: The Life Of A Butterfly (Free Printable!)

Butterfly Symbolism- Using The Butterfly As A Teachable Moment

God’s genesis of the butterfly is the perfect example of the spiritual connection between God and his creations!

The spiritual lesson below is a perfect addition for any Biblical lesson plan, and I’ve included a free printable butterfly lesson sheet that also talks about the lifecycle of the butterfly as a teaching aid!

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly Free Printable

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly

The life of a butterfly and butterfly symbolism (God’s the creator)

A few months ago, my family visited The Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure in Branson, Missouri.  This palace is a host of  thousands of real, tropical butterflies. It instantly became one of  the neatest places that I’ve ever visited.

While visiting this haven of beautiful flying creatures, I was inspired (as I always am) of the amazing creativity of God.

After all, God is the creator of everything. He created every animal in the rainforest, every insect that crawls. If you think about the power of God, and how he not only creates every creature but also remembers each and every one, is truly remarkable.


The tale of the life cycle of a butterfly is a beautiful display of God’s amazing capabilities and helps us to understand how His wonder is seen everywhere that we go.

From the beginning to the end, in all aspects of the cycle, He is there in all things.  This is proven no better than in taking an intimate look at the life cycle of a butterfly.

Stage One: The Egg

To begin the amazing life cycle, a butterfly will lay eggs on the leaf.  Depending on the type of butterfly, the eggs will vary in size, shape, texture and even colour.  This amazing first introduction to the world is proof that God created everything beautiful right from the beginning, each aspect in its own way.

Stage Two: The Larva

The larva hatches out of their eggs and begin their adventure in the world.  This stage is short-lived and focuses entirely on eating.  Since a butterfly will lay its eggs on a leaf, this leaf should be the right kind that the caterpillar will enjoy eating.  God shows his wonder, here, as he helps each butterfly egg find the right leaf for its growth and strength.

Stage Three: The Pupa

In this stage, the caterpillar builds itself a safe resting spot where it will go through its change.  A cool fact is that a lot of people think that this stage is a restful one, but it is the most active one.  Each part of the butterfly transforms into its final form.  God watches over this chrysalis throughout the transformation to keep it safe.

Stage Four: The Butterfly

This final stage allows for a butterfly to emerge, fully-grown from the safety of its protective covering and within a few hours, it flies away to find its mate and repeat the process over again with the next generation.

Throughout each stage of their life, God’s presence is seen.  He helps larvae flourish by making her that they are laid on the proper leaves for them to eat.  He helps keep each chrysalis safe while the caterpillar focuses on its transformation, and then he helps give the butterfly protection as it flies off to find its mate.

God creates amazing creatures that have equally amazing steps and stages in their life cycle.  It shows us that, with His help, there is beauty in all parts of life.  This is even more-so in the cool caterpillar facts and butterfly facts out there that make these incredible creatures even more amazing.

The Life Cycle Of A Butterfly Worksheet

Click Stages Of A Butterfly to access your free printable worksheet that discusses the life cycle of a butterfly for kids and how their life cycle is a beautiful display of God’s love!

Bonus Facts About The Butterfly!

More fun facts about the butterfly and some fun caterpillar facts, too!

Butterfly Facts from San Diego Zoo
  1. Butterflies taste with their feet.
  2. There are over 165,000 kinds of butterflies in the world.
  3. The entire transformation process of a butterfly can take up to 15 days.
Caterpillar Facts from
  1. There are about 180,000 kinds of caterpillars world wide.
  2. Caterpillars are herbivores (just like butterflies).
  3.  A caterpillar has three body parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen.

You can click the above links to learn more facts about these amazing insects!


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