The Perfect Game For Preschool Coding (Updated 11/3/18)

How To Teach Basic Coding Skills

A Game That Teaches Fun Preschool Coding!

Alex Toys Coding- Coding Toys For Kids

It’s not “extra” to teach your preschool kid how to code. In fact, with the way things are progressing, I’d say that it might be a good idea to give a coding game a try (as early as possible).

Think About This…

Toddlers are now learning how to use iPhones at a fluent level.

Back in the day, I remember as a kid (much older than a toddler; I’m talking grade school days) in computer class we played Oregon Trail, Super Munchers and worked on our typing skills.

We would have a “keyboard cover” and have to try to memorize where they keys were. I can confess this now, sometimes I tried to cheat and peek under the covers…

Who remembers that? If you were a 90’s kid, I’m sure you had a similar experience.

Times Have Changed…

Izaak plays whatever games he wants on his Amazon Kindle Made For Kids (within moderation). He doesn’t realize how different my upbringing was in terms of technology.

While this is cool, it’s a whole new lifestyle then when I was growing up in the 90’s. We try to relate, but he doesn’t realize how easy things are for him.

Although I’m sure that I will never be as tech-savvy as he will be as he grows older, I would rather try to teach him all of the things I know while I can. The best way to start outside of showing him how to use his learning apps is to teach him the basics of coding. He might take a liking to it.

Fast Fact: As of November 3rd, 2018 there are currently over 570,000 open computer coding jobs in the United States. 

My choice for his first coding experience is the Alex Toys FUTURE CODERS POPPIN’ PICTURES game. It is a game recommended for ages 4+, perfect for preschoolers and even early grade-school children.

What’s also amazing about this game is that you can teach preschool coding without actually doing any screen time. It’s not a toy computer or toy app that you download to do coding, rather, it’s a fun game that looks similar to the ones I played back in the 90’s. Here’s all you need to know about the FUTURE CODERS POPPIN’ PICTURES preschool coding game.

The Perfect Preschool Coding Game That’s Fun For The Whole Family




My son just turned five and he received this coding game at his birthday party.  He loves this game and asks to play it all of the time. To be honest, I put the preschool coding toy on Izaak’s gift registry because I’ve heard good things about teaching kids coding at a young age.

We tried the game shortly after his birthday party and with a little supervision it was really easy to use. I think it is designed with young children who are just learning about the concept of coding for the first time.

You start by selecting a card that has a shape pattern that you need to de-code. Each shape is matched with a color.

The game comes with a suction cup tool, and your kid would grab tiles and pop them into position on the grid based on the position that it’s in on their  challenge card.

preschool coding

Izaak needed a little help at the beginning but seemed to get the hang of it after awhile. It was actually fun for Izaak to do, not just a “boring” learning activity but an entertaining game to play with mom or dad.

The suction cup tool is a little hard to get used to at first and at times Izaak chose to use his hands instead of it.

Alex Toys Coding Game

Side Note: When using this game, keep in mind that you don’t want to look at the back of the card so at the end you can be surprised with what image is created. It’s a fun way for kids to “reveal” the same image that they created on the back of the card. 

Alex Toys Future Coders

As you can see, the other side reveals the image. Izaak didn’t turn it over until we were done and he got to see how the image he created matched the one on the back of the card. Izaak felt really accomplished when he discovered that yes, the image did match!


Side Note: Keep in mind that all children learn differently. My son loves hands-on learning such as this preschool coding game, it’s part of the reason that he had an easy time with de-coding the game. This  doesn’t mean that every kid will have the same reaction.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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