A Little Boy And His New French Bull Dog

French Bulldog For Kids-

Everything You Need To Know About Raising A Family Frenchie

french bulldog for kids

This February we finally got a dog for our sweet boy Izaak.

We looked long and hard for the perfect dog to add to our family of three. After searching for a long time, we agreed to buy from a breeder  a beautiful female brindle french bulldog. It’s important to note that we made sure that we selected a local breeder in Minnesota (although we did have to drive a few hours) that really loved dogs. We could tell that the breeder we selected took great care of her puppies.

We were so excited to bring Stella home. Stella is the brindle french bulldog that you will see all over my Instagram. Before we got stella we read a lot of material on french bulldogs and discovered that they are great for kids.

French bulldogs are fun and can cuddle. They are great house pets. They aren’t fragile but aren’t big, either. They are short haired so their shedding isn’t too extreme. I’d say they are almost perfect, although they do have a few “quirks”. Which I will be describing shortly in this article.

With Stella, we were so excited to bring her home and were ready for the warm fuzzies our family would feel for her. We were also excited for our son to have a playmate.

I know there are a lot of questions that come into play when selecting a dog. Here is my answers on raising a french bulldog from my personal experience.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that this blog post is written based on my experience of owning our French Bulldog Stella. Each french bulldog experience can be different. 

French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldog Temperament

  • Are french bulldogs affectionate?

Yes! Stella loves to give kisses, cuddle, sit on your lap, and loves to spend time with her family. She always wants love and affection from us. If you want an affectionate puppy, french bulldogs are well-known for their high-levels of affection.

  • Are french bulldogs easy going?

No! They need lots of love and attention. One thing I noticed about Stella is that she has a lot of anxiety when she’s left alone. She needs as much love, affection and attention as possible.

Don’t let that scare you, though. Honestly she just loves to be around people. Stella does like to play too, but is pretty content just sitting on our laps or near us. Since I work from home, I often bring her to my office and she likes to look out the window.

I would suggest (if you plan on being gone a lot) do not get a french bulldog. They need lots of attention and would not be happy when your gone. In fact, Stella gets so worked up when we are away that she likes to chew on everything around her.

Since we don’t like to leave Stella in her kennel, we confine her in the kitchen when none of us can be with her but she still makes a mess in every way possible.

But we love her nonetheless. With true love comes true sacrifice.

  • Are french bulldogs athletic?

Yes! Stella has what I like to call the “dog zoomies” where she gets excited and uncontrollably runs around. This usually only happens when shes outside. She also likes to play tug-of-war and fetch. Izaak and Stella love to chase and play with one another.

  • Can french bulldogs be left outside alone for long periods of time?

No! They are not outdoor dogs. Please don’t leave them outside alone. If you are looking for an outdoor pet, I would not suggest a french bulldog. They mostly like to spend their time indoors and can’t handle hot or cold temperatures for very long.

Frenchies do like to go outside and be active for short periods of time. Please make sure though that when you bring your frenchie outside, that he/she stays hydrated.

  • Are french bulldogs playful?

Heck yes! As described above, Stella loves to run, play, jump, and have fun. They are playful and strong, just always be aware of how much your dog can handle when playing since frenchies are small in size.

  • Are french bulldogs sociable?

YES!!! I’ve (kind-of) already talked about this.

  • Are french bulldogs easy to train?

From my experience with Stella, yes and no. We are still having a hard time completely potty training Stella. She has occasional accidents. However, she continues to do better with her potty training. Additionally, Stella learned tricks as a puppy relatively easy.

  • Do french bulldogs shed?

Yes! However, their short hair is easy to clean up, and they don’t shed too much. We don’t spend a whole lot of time cleaning up Stella’s hair, I usually sweep the whole house (we have wood floors) once or twice a week, once would be just fine but sometimes I can be too picky.

French Bulldog Toys

Stella loves her chew toys and ropes that she can play tug-of-war with. She also loves her squeaky duck and almost any stuffed animal. Below I have included her favorite toys that you can get for your frenchie, too!

french bulldog toys

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French Bulldog Facts

The Cost Of A French Bulldog

French bulldogs aren’t cheap, regardless of the breed that you choose. Purebred ones usually are several thousand dollars. So if you search in Google for

cheap french bulldog puppies under $500“,

you might find a mixed-breed frenchie or, if your very lucky, a purebred frenchie that is up for adoption. Keep in mind that it’s very hard to find a purebred frenchie up for adoption.

How Big Do French Bulldogs Get?

Typically, the average french bulldog is anywhere from 16-24 pounds for female frenchies and about 20 to 28 pounds for male frenchies. source: DogTime

The Best French Bulldog Food

With having to worry about fillers being in dog food, it’s best to do your research before selecting the best food for your new puppy or adopted dog. If you need some help, a good breeder should be able to tell you what food is best for your dog. Our breeder recommended Fromm dog food and she gave us some food when we took her to her forever home.

French Bulldog Veterinary Checkups

If you don’t think your breeder gave you the right food, or if your dog is reacting bad to the food that you give them, you can ask your veterinarian. You veterinarian should be able to recommend a few good dog food brands for your puppy or dog that you can choose from.

The Top French Bulldog Names

top french bulldog names

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Girl French Bulldog Names (20)

  • Stella
  • Angel
  • Chloe
  • Zoey
  • Holly
  • Rosie
  • Molly
  • Lucy
  • Sophie
  • Ladie
  • Sadie
  • Cookie
  • Gracie
  • Eva
  • Luna
  • Betsy
  • Princess
  • Sugar
  • Lola
  • Bella

Boy French Bulldog Names (20)

  • Chomper
  • David
  • Goliath
  • Ace
  • Beast
  • Charlie
  • Cody
  • Buddy
  • Max
  • Rex
  • Boomer
  • Rocky
  • Shadow
  • Jack
  • Boe
  • Prince
  • Frankie
  • Homer
  • Joey
  • Blue

Frenchie 411

As you can see, I’ve learned a lot about french bulldogs after brining one into our home. Overall, they are a great dog breed with a few “quirks” which I mentioned above. The most important things you can do for your frenchie is to

  • Take them to vet appointments
  • Give them the right food
  • Never leave them outside alone
  • Give them lots of love and attention
  • Be patient as they learn

-Holly, the imperfect momma. 

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  1. We live in Minnesota and have a Frenchie too! Both kids are HUGE fans of our playful dog, Ginger. She is so good with them.


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