Fall Puzzle Tree Craft

Fall Puzzle Preschool Tree Craft

Kids crafts are great for any season, but I especially love fall kids crafts! This preschool craft is perfect for and mom on a budget who wants to make fall craft time fun!

Puzzle Tree Fall Preschool Project

For this preschool tree craft, you will need:

  1. Paper, preferably card stock quality
  2. Markers
  3. A puzzle that contains fall leaf colors
  4. A glue stick

That’s it!

This project is pretty simple. First, open your puzzle and find all of the puzzle pieces that are the colors of fall leaves. Your kid(s) can help with this part as well. If you are on a budget, you can possibly find your puzzle at the dollar store like I did.

Next,  color in the tree trunk (my son always likes to color in a tree hole) and some grass and any other scenery that you choose. You can also pick the puzzle pieces for your project during this time while your kid does the coloring.

Then, glue the puzzle pieces on, preferably with a glue stick.

A glue stick is perfect for this preschool tree craft because it will hold the puzzle pieces if you use enough of the glue, and it’s not too messy (so that kids can help glue them on as well). I like to try and make the projects as easy as possible so that Izaak can do most if not all of the project with little assistance.

And that’s it! A super simple preschool craft project for your kids to do!

P.S. I know that our preschool tree craft doesn’t look “perfect”, but I actually let my kid do his own projects! I like to do projects with him with or without the intent that I will be posting them on social media. The main reason that we do projects that that we can bond, he can learn and most importantly that he can have fun and let his creativity flow. I  DO NOT hinder his creativity just so we can create the “perfect looking project”! How lame would that be?

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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