Change Your Perspective-Change Your Life-Change The World

changing our cultural perspective

How Can I Change The World?

Change Your Perspective-Change Your Life-Change The World

Life is all about perspective.

This “poor me” attitude that the Western world has is detrimental to the crisis of the over  100 million people on Earth who are starving…

Changing Our Cultural Perspective

I get it, it’s easy to feel sorry for yourself when living in a world of screens that only display the good and not the ugly. I get sucked into the comparing myself with people everyday. It’s a bad habit, and in some way or another I never quite measure up.

Unfortunately for me I sometimes desire the Chanel purses and vacations to Islands on yachts that float though my Instagram.

I also can’t help but be jealous of other bloggers who effortlessly have more followers than me and get to devote their whole day on their blog. I know this behavior is detrimental to my mental state, and I try to stop myself. At times I lose myself to the too competitive part of me and ignore more important pieces of my life, such as my faith and my family.

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Isn’t There Bigger Things To Worry About?

If you look at the Internet for your answers, not really.

Advertising and social media profiles that only share the best parts (and often altered parts) of a person’s life; which makes it easy for any person to feel like they are all falling short. This feeling grows until the need to work to get more and keep up with the selfish lifestyles of what is portrayed as “the dream” takes over one’s soul.

With this always on the forefront of our minds, it’s easy to forget all of the blessing we are given as well as  all of the people who are hurting in the world and who need our help.

Those who are being religiously persecuted or sold as slaves. The starving people who can’t afford food for their children, or medicine, or safety. People who are taken advantage of and have no where else to turn. We need to pour our hearts and souls into helping these people.

How Can I Change The World
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Some Christian Advice On Perspective…

Remember the next time you complain about having to cook dinner, that there are families out there starving to death.

If you ever get mad at your parents for caring too much about your adult life, think about the children who wish they had a mom and dad who cared about them. Or perhaps remember that at any moment your parents can be taken away from you.

Then pray for the millions of aborted babies and abandoned children. As well as those who have lost a parent.

When you are feeling down about not making enough money, consider all of the people (adult labor AND child labor) in sweatshops who made the clothes on your back.

change your perspective
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When you aren’t so confident about a part of your body, remember that God made you in his image. Be thankful for your healthy heart and think about all of the people fighting for their life and willing to trade bodies with you. Remember that there are those who’s bodies are being sold and used without their consent.

If you get mad about how your lifestyle has changed since having children, remember that there are parents who need to choose which children to feed because they don’t have enough food for all of them. Also keep in mind that many people are struggling to have children.

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Remember that you are lucky to have the internet to educate yourselves. Knowledge is power. Only be influenced by those who speak the truth and who are filled with compassion.

how can i change the world
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Always try to remember what you do have. What God has truly blessed you with. Everyone has struggles that they face, but rarely do people share these struggles. Find a support group. Join an organization that makes a difference. Feel better about yourself. Taking care of yourself while remembering what truly matters and helping others is the best way to feel whole again.

Quick Note: There are many beautiful organisations that help the less fortunate. As a Christian woman, one of my favorite organisations, Compassion International, works to provide children with not with just their basic physical needs such as medical and food, but also with their educational needs, safety needs, and spiritual needs. Compassion International has given me permission to share some of their photos (the ones used throughout this article).  They are an incredible organization that I will continue to support the rest of my life because of their passion to save the lives of children. 

changing our cultural perspective
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-Holly, the imperfect momma.

The Working Christian Mom Blog

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