I Pray That Someday I Won’t Be The Most Important Woman In My Son’s Life

prayers for my son

Prayers For My Son

Prayers for young children

Son, I love you.

A mother’s love is unconditional. It doesn’t matter what you do, I will love and care for you. I will want what’s best for you.

But someday, I won’t be able to make decisions for you anymore.

You will have a family of your own.

I hope and pray that you find a kindhearted Christian woman that you treat with love and respect.

I pray that you are blessed with healthy children.

Most importantly, I pray that the only thing you put before your wife is God.

If your relationship with God is your #1 priority, your life will be wonderful and meaningful.

I’m not saying that it’s easy putting God first.

It’s not convenient, and there will be trials.

It’s all worth it, just like every obstacle I’ve faced with you, from childbirth to late nights to praying about your disobedience.

A Mother’s Love Is Powerful

I pray for you everyday son.

I pray that you don’t get sucked into worldly desires and lose your soul in the process.

I pray you always follow God’s guidance.

I know that you will slip. That’s why Jesus died on the cross.

I will love you no matter what you will do.

I will always be praying for you. I will always be thinking about you, no matter how old or far away you are.

Most importantly, I pray that I make the best choices for you while I can.

I love you. You will always have my love, just like you will always have the love of Jesus.

I pray that someday you will get to experience the love of a Godly marriage because that is a great blessing that God gives us.

Cherish that love and always put that relationship before all others except your relationship with God.

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-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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