Shopping For Fashionable Clothes On A Budget

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I’m A Mom On A Budget, Shopping On A Budget

But who isn’t?

Here is how to look fabulous without draining your bank account.

When I was a new mom, I remember spending all of my extra money on my son’s clothes. Nice onesies, loads of pajamas. Cute bibs with fun characters on them. However, pretty soon I begin to realize that he would grow out of his $20 onesie after two wears or that he would leave a poop stain after the first wear.

It’s  hard to go shopping on a budget for clothes. I decided at that time that it wasn’t worth me pinching every penny to buy him clothes he would only wear once or twice.

Not much has changed since my son was a baby. This summer he went through most of his clothes quickly. My preschooler got dirt and holes almost immediately the day he wore them new to daycare.

My plan now with my son is this; I buy him a few nice outfits, but his daily play clothes I wouldn’t buy name brand. I wanted him to have fun without me worrying or restraining him simply because his clothes were too nice to play in. It worked out well for the both of us. I didn’t mind him going to daycare with clothes that had a small stain or that I bought for $4.

I design my closet around that same concept.

This mom blogger loves fashion, but I also love being frugal. I have a few nice staple pieces, like my favorite skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, some nice leggings, shoes, and workout clothes as well as business attire. I like switching most of my wardrobe often, but being on a tight budget doesn’t allow me to always buy expensive attire.

To be honest, most days I wear leggings and tees. I love to shop and have fun so I need places to go where I can get cheap clothes and often. What’s nice about spending very little on most of the clothes that I purchase is that as long as they are still in nice condition I can sell them on Vinted after I get bored with them for roughly the same price I bought them for.

A List Of Fashionable Stores That Have Great Deals 

Charlotte Russe

Shopping On A budget For Shoes, Skirts, Sweaters, and Tees


During off season, you can get shoes from Charlotte Russe for $5.  I got these awesome ankle boots (Which I actually wear all year long) for $5. They are my most complimented shoes. Literally every time I wear them in public at least one person gives me a compliment. I have had them for over two years now and they still look almost new. I LOVE THEM!

clothes shopping on a budget


I can get basic cotton bodycon skirts on sale for $2 most of the time.  Any other skirt that is on sale can range from $2-$10.

Shopping On A budget For Sweaters

I’ve gotten sweaters from Charlotte Russe on sale from $2 to $5. Mostly during the springtime and early summer. The sweater below I got from Charlotte Russe for $2 and I’ve even worn it this summer when it was colder at night.

clothes shopping on a budget

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Shopping On A budget For Shirts, Jeans


If you have a Kohls charge card, there is almost always a percentage off, usually ranging from 15% to 30% off almost any purchase. And if you don’t have a Kohls charge there are still many sales, usually every month, that offer some sort of promotional discount code. The shirt I got below came with a necklace for under $11 minus 30%. Very cheap.

clothes shopping on a budget

I’ve gotten some inexpensive jeans from Kohls anywhere from $6-$12. They may not be the best quality pants but they also are great just for regular jean wear. To be honest most of the time I still shop in juniors but the women’s clothing section also has deals that are comparable to the juniors section.


Shopping On A budget For Dresses, accessories.

I love the basic H&M dresses.

I bought the one I am wearing below for $5. It’s my husband’s favorite dress on me.

clothes shopping on a budget

Additionally, they always have sales on accessories.

I’ve gotten $1 hosiery items at H&M are well as other dollar steals such as jewelry, makeup bags, and other fun items. I can get something new and fun for less than the price of a candy bar.

Want cheap pants that are also decent? Shop at Rainbow.

If you have ever shopped at the store Rainbow, they have some great pants depending on the brand. I got the white pants below for $10. I can get sweaters there for $5. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of their shoes, shirts or dresses.

clothes shopping on a budget

Shopping On A budget For Designer Clothes

Try stores like Nordstrom Rack. They have my absolute favorite leggings for $10. Ever since I started wearing these leggings I’ve had several of my friends swear by them as well. They are comfortable and look amazing. They are higher on the waist without covering half your belly and make your butt look amazing. They are my cheap staple piece and I have about three of them on me at all times.

Bonus: These Affordable Leggings Come In 45 Different Colors 

Extra Bonus: If you want to find the clearance rack at the mall, they tend to be in the back corners of the store. Their new items that they are pushing to sell will more than likely be toward the front.

How to spot cheap clothing items.

This is important when you are shopping on a budget. Remember that it isn’t worth even spending $5 if you can’t wear the shirt more than once without it ripping. The number one thing to look for when purchasing your fashion piece is if the clothes are sewn properly. Look at the seam and pull gently on both sides. If the thread doesn’t pull at all, they pass the bar on quality.


Sign up for mailing lists. If you have a Gmail, it has a promotions tab on there so if you sign up using a Gmail you won’t ever have to worry about promotional emails getting mixed up with business or personal ones.

DSW has great promotional promo codes that they send via email. I got all of these items for less than $6 thanks to three stackable promo codes that they sent at once.

clothes shopping on a budget

So what do you think about this article? I would love for your to share your thoughts, opinions or other ideas in regards to the world of bargain shopping. 

God Bless, 

Holly The Imperfect Momma

The Christian Working Mom Blog

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  1. I know I am like 5 months late responding here, but based on what I read you know how to get the sales!!! I must admit, I am not good at shopping, I hardly ever get any “sale sale ” meaning at the prices you quote. Furthermore, when I am going on the road it’s always the girls and I, and they are ready when we reach store because ‘mommy is going to spend a long time’ so I don’t have time to search around.

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