Sweet Tooth Food Pairing- Cookie Thins and Mini Donut Cream Soda

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My Favorite Food Pairing/ Flavor Pairing Series

A new feature for Imperfect Momma!

Food is great!

God gives us the blessing of taste buds, and when used within moderation the privilege of tasting amazing food is a past time that almost everyone enjoys.

My food pairing/flavor pairing series is all about enjoying the blessing of amazing  taste buds. In this series I plan to share my favorite food pairings- as well as where to find these treats that make the taste buds really, really happy.

My first food pairing is Mrs.Thinster’s Cookie Thins with List Bridge mini Donut Cream Soda.

The Best Store Bought Cookies- Mrs.Thinster’s Cookie Thins

Try Them!

I’ve always loved the taste of thin chocolate chip cookies, and Mrs.Thinster’s tops the list of the best store-bought cookies. Not only do they taste amazing for store-bought cookies, they also contain no artificial colors, have no artificial flavors, they are non-GMO as well as tree nut free. They are a healthier version of the much loved chocolate chip cookie snack.

For people with food allergies, they do contain wheat, milk, soy and eggs. I buy mine at Coborns, but they are available at other big chain stores that carry grocery items such as WalMart and Target.

The Best Cream Soda- Lift Bridge Mini Donut Cream Soda

ift Bridge Mini Donut Cream Soda

Normally I get some of the best sweet wine to drink as my sweet drink of choice, but this cream soda is absolutely amazing! It tastes just like the mini donuts that you would get at the fair. Unfortunately, this cream soda is made only at a Brewery in Minnesota- where you can also pick-up some Mini Donut beer.

It’s creamy taste with a hint of cinnamon definitely matches the original taste of mini-donuts, and it pairs perfectly with chocolate chip cookies.

Lift-Bridge Brewing Co. in Stillwater, Minnesota is home to some tasty and interesting sodas and beers. So if you are ever in my neck of the woods, this brewery should be on your list.

What are your favorite food pairings? It’s time to share!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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