Proverbs, My Favorite Self-Help Book

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Proverbs: My Favorite Self-Help Book

Many Christians proclaim that the Bible isn’t a self-help book. I say that they are wrong. The Bible self-help book is the only book of advice that one ever needs and it provides priceless wisdom. 

People study and search for the best self-help books of all time. However, there need be no search. The Bible is the number one sold book of all-time, with over 5 billion copies distributed.

The Bible, The Best Christian Self-Help Book

Self-help books are books designed to help their readers solve a personal problem in their life. If you read the Bible, there are many Books that talk about life situations and how to solve personal issues.

I truly believe that the Bible is a great resource for any aspect in life. God sends me signs and blesses me with wisdom every time I open the book that is worth more than it’s weight in gold. In fact, the wisdom that the Bible grants me is priceless.

Not only that, but through the Bible God provides me with some pretty important signs.

We’ve all heard that God comes in whispers, right? I’ve got the perfect miracle that shares what wisdom God will grant us, if only we open our hearts. It’s a very recent, personal story. 

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My Whisper From God

As I was reading my Bible last week, God gave me an important sign..

It was Saturday night and I was reading the book of Proverbs (yes, on a Saturday night). I was doing a Proverbs Bible study and loved the messages that the Bible was giving me.

There were two passages that particularly spoke to me because I was experiencing some high anxiety in certain areas of my life, so I decided to send a screenshot with passages to my family message group on Facebook with a message under it saying “Proverbs, The ultimate self-help book”.

Book Of Proverbs Quotes

Book Of Proverbs Quotes

The next day in Church, our pastor was talking about seeking wisdom from The Cross and not from mankind. He also talked about self-help books; basically stating how they are garbage (how I’m wording it; not how he did).

Ding Ding Ding! Thanks for the sign, God! Your the best!

As my pastor was stating (and how I felt the night before) is that The Bible is the only place that we need to go to to seek wisdom and advice. All the other so-called self-help books are (truth be told) complete nonsense unless they are Bible related.

The Ultimate Christian Self-Help Book Is The Bible

My favorite Biblical self-help book? Proverbs, which is actually the “Book Of Wisdom”. Proverbs was written by King Solomon, a very wise and powerful king. He respected and loved God, and God gave him the powerful tool of wisdom.

God does give us signs (which is funny, because our pastor also talked about signs during the same sermon) but it’s not how we expect it. We have to trust his guidance and listen for him as well as believe and desire him.

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Here is one final kicker to my story…

I’ve been experiencing a great deal of difficulty in parenting my son lately and have been struggling with how I should discipline him. I also have been having a hard time financially lately and trying to figure out what my next career move should be. If you paid attention to the Bible verses I sent to my family over messenger, you will understand that the two passages circled were referencing money and parenting.

To refresh your memory:

Book Of Proverbs Quotes

books of proverbs quotes

Give up trying so hard to get rich. Your money flies away before you know it, just like an eagle suddenly taking off. -Proverbs 23:4-5

Parenting Book of Proverbs Quotes

Don’t fail to correct your children. You won’t kill them by being firm, and it may even save their lives. – Proverbs 23: 13-14

I love God and how he comes in whispers.

God spoke to me twice in roughly 12 hours. It wasn’t in a big way, but it made a big impact. He comes to me often, and perhaps I miss what God has to say because I am so caught up in my own way.

Let’s all remind ourselves that we should be listening what God has to say, and not society.

Holly, the imperfect momma.

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