10 Amazing Food Facts That You Probably Never Heard Of

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Sandwiches, Steaks, and Salads are on the hearts and minds of each and every one of us. Let’s face it, food is fantastic. Not only is it great to eat, but the love that human beings have for food is universal. Fun food facts are something that people are always interested in.

There are some facts about food that go unheard of; and I think you deserve to know the truth. Here are some interesting facts about food that you probably did not know. These facts might not be life changing, but they might have you looking at some of your favorite foods a little differently. Read on (if you dare).

10 Amazing Food Facts

Amazing Food Fact #1- Chocolate Was Once Used as A Form of Currency

10 Amazing Food Facts

Chocolate is widely popular across the world. Chocolate’s rich taste and smooth consistency gets people through the bad and the good times in life. It has even been proven by research that dark chocolate has health benefits such as being a powerful antioxidant. If you want an excuse to eat chocolate, this is it.

Not only does chocolate taste amazing and can sometimes be good for you, but it has had other uses throughout history. We all know that chocolate is tasty, but it’s also got a few more tricks up it’s sleeve.

The historical backdrop of chocolate starts in Mesoamerica. One of chocolate’s early uses was as a form of currency. The Aztecs trusted that cacao seeds were the endowment of Quetzalcoatl (they believed to be the God or wisdom) and the seeds were once held to such high esteem that they were utilized as a type of money.

Amazing Food Fact #2- McDonald’s Sells This Many Hamburgers Every Second

10 Amazing Food Facts

Some interesting Fast Food Facts:

The McDonald’s golden arch is a symbol that almost anyone can recognize. The highly popular restaurant chain of deep-fried happiness is a place for anyone to go; it’s food might not be the healthiest but the price is cheap and it sure tastes good.

In fact, McDonald’s is so popular that four out of five children recognize the McDonald’s golden arch symbol before turning three years old. If you do the math, that’s 80% of children.

The proof is in the number, we all know that McDonald’s is the most successful fast food restaurant chain in the United States. There are over 14,000 McDonald’s in the United States alone. It makes sense that children would recognize the golden arch symbol if they see it everywhere.

Additionally, despite the health risks of consuming too much fast food, McDonalds still receives a high volume of customers. In Fact, the sell (on average) 75 hamburgers per second. Interesting fast food facts, indeed.

Amazing Food Fact #3- The History of Pineapple

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Some interesting health food facts on pineapple:

Pineapple has many health benefits, such as being an anti-inflammatory and an aid in digestion. This miracle fruit not only tastes amazing but is great for your body. Pineapple is flavorful and fascinating, but did you know that the fruit also has an interesting history? Christopher Columbus is credited with finding the pineapple on the island of Guadeloupe in 1493, in spite of the fact that the organic product had for some time been developed in South America.

Pineapple didn’t become popular in America until George Washington tasted it in 1751 while in Barbados and he absolutely loved it. It soon became a popular fruit in Florida, However, although loved and consumed often in Florida, it was not eaten by the general public outside of The Sunshine State. Pineapple was too hard to come by for quite some time.

Fast forward quite a few years until the turn of the 20th century. The Pineapple became more accessible in America when The Dole Hawaiian Pineapple Company was founded in 1901.

Amazing Food Fact #4- Imitation Bananas Were A Thing During World War II10 Amazing Food Facts

Amid World War II, individuals would make imitation bananas since genuine bananas were hard to come by during the war and severely missed.

One tasty sounding imitation banana recipe calls for parsnips, castor sugar, and banana essence. First, the recipe maker would use parsnips and boil them. Then they blended the boiled parsnips with castor sugar and banana essence.

This imitation banana paste was often put in bread to make a tasty sandwich.

Amazing Food Fact #5- The Meaning Behind the Twists in Pretzels

10 Amazing Food Facts

Pretzels are fantastically yummy, but most people don’t know the meaning of its shape and fascinating history. Pretzels go back all of the way to the year 1400 and were made by Monks. The Monks would give these pretzels to their understudies for learning scriptural exercises.

The shape of the pretzel was the main resource for this tasty scriptural exercise. When making a pretzel, at first you roll the dough into a “U”, this represents prayers going to heaven.

Then, the next step is to cross the pretzel at the top (while it’s still a “U” shape). This represents the importance of marriage, “tying the knot”.

Finally, the final step is to flip the knot down and finally give the pretzel its original shape. This leaves three openings which the Monks used to represent the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Amazing Food Fact #6- Oranges Aren’t Supposed To Be Orange

10 Amazing Food Facts

It’s a common misconception that oranges are named for their orange color. In hindsight, the color orange was actually named after the fruit orange.

What’s even crazier is that in hotter climates the skin of numerous oranges is green. Oranges, in their prime, are actually green but can be orange depending on the climate.

Unfortunately, there the misconception by consumers that all green fruit is unripe. This misconception can cause serious issues in the food industry because most people will not buy green oranges. Many oranges actually have to be colored to be sold with unnatural dyes if they are green in order for people to buy them in the U.S.

Amazing Food Fact #7- American’s Throw This Much Food Away

10 Amazing Food Facts

It’s easy to occasionally let food spoil or accidentally throw something Away. However, American’s do a good job of going out of their way to be wasteful. American’s are only 5% of the world’s population but contribute to 30% of the world’s garbage.

Wasting food is part of the problem. Did you realize that Americans discard 14-25% of all of the food that they  buy? It’s hard to wrap your mind around those statistics; after all it might be hard to realize how much we really do throw away.

Amazing Food Fact #8- This Many Chicken Wings Are Consumed During Super Bowl Sunday

10 Amazing Food Facts

On Super Bowl Sunday, buttons on pants are broken and arteries are clogged. The entire American culture is focused on two things during this event; Football and Food.

Let’s face it, American’s enjoy their food and their football. On the NFL’s biggest day of the year ( on average)  1.25 billion chicken wings are eaten. Along with wings, there are many other common snacks and drinks that are digested during the Super Bowl and it’s estimated that on Average Americans consume 2,400 calories just during game time on Super Bowl Sunday.

Amazing Food Fact #9- This Is How Much Americans Spend On Eating Out

10 Amazing Food Facts

It’s now become normal behavior to let others cook for you outside of the home. A study in 2015 found that American families spend more than 50 percent of their food budget on eating outside of the home.

With the desire to eat homecooked meals steadily decreasing, it appears that more people are eating out and doing it often. It’s easy to understand why as the American culture becomes more and more fast-paced. With busy schedules, people just don’t have the time anymore to really enjoy making and eating home-cooked meals. They would rather relax with family at a restaurant and worry about someone else cooking the food after a long day of work.

Amazing Food Fact #10- This Food Was Used as A Medicine in the 1800’s

10 Amazing Food Facts

Tomatoes are a popular food used for many dishes. From using tomatoes in their original form to making spicy salsa and tasty ketchup with them, tomatoes are wildly popular and can be very delicious and nutritious depending on what you use them for.

However, up until the early 1800’s, tomatoes were widely regarded as a poisonous food. Then the view of the tomatoes changed into too positive of a view in 1834 when a medical paper made a claim that tomatoes could aid in digestive problems. People begin to become interested in how to use tomatoes as part of their heath regimen.

Three years after this claim was made, Archibald Miles claimed to have the answer when he made “Dr. Miles’ Compound Extract of Tomato.” Sources disagree on what form his extract was. Some say it was in a pill form, while others say that it was ketchup. It was used for some time until people caught wind of the trick he was playing on everyone and they disregarded his extract. This man was clearly not a health specialist.

Bonus Amazing Food Fact:

Your favorite breakfast cereal has been deceiving you for years. This popular, colorful cereal actually has only one flavor despite looking like a rainbow straight from heaven.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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