Kids In Church: Why Kids Should Worship With Their Parents

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kids in church bible verse

Why You Should Have Your Kids Worship With You

Kids In Church

Quick Fact: Did you know that 94% of Christians become Christians before adulthood? It’s never too early to start thinking seriously about your child’s faith journey. 

I love going to church and consider worship a beautiful blessing that not only connects us with the Holy Spirit; but also connects us with our family and other loved ones.

When our son was in his toddler years, my husband and I would drop him off at the Church childcare center before the Sermon. They would do kids ministry with the children so we thought it would be good for Izaak to go there while we went to the “normal” service. The Church childcare center would do kids worship songs and other kids worship activities such as church games for kids.

The childcare center was a fun place for Izaak to learn about Christianity.

kids in church bible verse

However, not having my kid in church next to us didn’t feel right. A big part of Christianity is the focus on family. It felt lonely sitting in church without him. Why did we not have our son participate with us in what is supposed to be the most important piece of our life? It was  like we were missing a crucial piece of our family puzzle.

kids in church bible verse

Special Kids Ministry May Be A Good Thing, But Your Child Sitting In Church Is Even Better

Having your kid in church with you can teach them valuable life lessons

My parents (who go to the same Church) offered me some Christian parenting advice. They thought that  bringing our son to the Sermon with us would be good for him. Izaak was and still is a busy boy, so I laughed.

kids in church bible verse

However, one day we were running late and decided to just bring our boy to the sermon with us. It was hard at first but we started to do it more often, as we felt it was God’s will.

Our little boy still has difficulty sitting still. Sometimes, he pretends that he has to the bathroom to try to leave the service. What I do see is a change in him. He still doesn’t sit completely still but there is improvement inside and outside of the church in terms of his behavior. Bringing our kid in Church with us is a MAJOR benefit for our whole family.

kids in church bible verse

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Ensuring that my son sits through Church service with us is teaching him the important lesson of being obedient to God. Having Our kid in Church with us is valuable. He can still sing and worship; a lot of the songs are still kids worship songs (cause aren’t all worship songs made for everyone to sing and learn) and surprisingly when we leave he always has learned something new about God.

My son is also learning important life lessons such as that he needs to simply sit down and enjoy time with family and with his thoughts. I also was reminded (like I am often) that my parents who raised four children might know more about parenting than I do.

It’s been a great experience so far having our son with us at Church.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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