15 Random Acts Of Kindness That You Can Do With Your Kids

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Guest post written by Siegrid, founder of Mommy So Busy. She has given her constant to share this post on Imperfect Momma.

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Random Acts Of Kindness Day is becoming popular and is being celebrated by different organizations on February 17th.

Although there is a special day for that, you do not have to wait for that certain day to make a positive effect on someone’ s life.

Random acts of kindness make everyone feel worthy. It is an amazing opportunity for kids to learn how to show love and care not only to people you know but to other members of the community as well.

Here’ s an amazing list of ideas you can do with your kid to teach them the importance of kindness.

  1. Send your child’ s art to COLOR A SMILE a non- profit organization that sends colorful masterpieces to thousands of people needing a smile like kids, elderly and our troops abroad.
  2. Help your child make a card and send letters of encouragement to Jude Children’ s Hospital. Hold the door or elevator for someone.
  3. Let your child participate in preparing a Chemo Care Package and send it to the nearest cancer center or hospital in your area.
  1. Leave a sticky note in a public restroom mirror that says, “ you are unique, you are special, you are beautiful”
  1. Donate gently used books to the library
  1. Give away toys that are not being used by your kids anymore.
  1. Drop off coloring books  and magazines to the hospital waiting room.
  1. Donate gently used clothes.
  1. Buy inexpensive socks, mittens and beanies at any dollar store. Keep them in your purse or child’s bag and hand it to the next homeless person you see.
  1. Greet at least 3 individuals you meet today. Some people think it’ s weird but it actually feels good.
  1. Leave a bag of quarters in a vending machine.
  1. If you have extra cash, make a child’s birthday extra special and surprise him/her with a fairy visit or another cool birthday idea on his/ her birthday.
  1. Help your child make and send a letter to grandparents.
  1. Thank a soldier, policeman or a fireman for his/ her service when you see them.
  1. Hug someone in your family.

Siegrid is a mommy of 3 toddlers from California. She is also the owner of the website Mommy So Busy. Her blog is about the adventures of a busy mom, sharing some parenting tips and hacks with the goal to connect and share experiences with others especially parents like us.

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