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Christians Are Selling Out

I’ve seen this too much in the blogging world lately; as well as my world of Faith where Christians are selling out and writers that are too fearful to speak their mind because they are afraid of losing their fans; and ultimately traffic.

In a culture where an opinion can turn a friend into a foe, I can completely understand where this fear is coming from; especially if you are like me and are a fan of the president. I’m not trying to debate or start a political war here; but most people know my stance when it comes to politics and beliefs. I’m not afraid to speak my truth; and neither should anyone else be.

After all, what good is success when you have to give up who you are and be someone who you aren’t? You’ve heard that saying before:

I'd rather be hated for who I am Kurt Cobain quote

-Kurt Cobain Quote

Ain’t that the truth. This is hard though in a land where the only acceptable view goes down a one-way street. I understand how fear of isolation may stop someone from speaking their mind.

As a Christian blogger and Christian woman, It’s a guarantee that I’ve been there, but in the end I chose the harder route and lost two of my friends; friends that maybe weren’t true friends anyways. I hate to discuss this topic as it has been weighing heavy on my heart.

Surround Yourself With Those Who Try To Turn You Into A Sell Out

I feel so much freer being able to finally (openly) talk about this.  Now that I accept who I am and have put the past behind me, I am able to express myself and have mature discussion with my friends about everything; even friends who’s views are incredibly unique from mine. The friends that have accepted me for who I am are a constant joy and privilege to have in my life.

The hypocrisy of our country is suffocating. On one side, we have the Rosanne Barr Twitter, (she made a racist tweet; but actually was not racist- it was in poor taste but not racist) and on the other side, we have Samantha Bea, who is the so-called feminist that called Ivanka a c**t. (I’ll let you fill in the blanks because we all know what she said.)

Guess who is getting praised and who got booted from their show? I don’t even have to tell you.

Even if this is the first time that you are learning about these recent tweets, you will know how this plays out. Samantha, the liberal gets to keep her show. Rosanne’s show gets booted, just like Last Man Standing did. (Which was picked up by Fox! Thank you…)

I’m not making a stab at all Liberals, because I know many myself and most of them are kind-hearted people. But I will say this; as far as the media goes you know that as a Liberal the media and culture is on your side. There is no denying thus.

I, as a conservative, am apparently not allowed to have an opinion (or at least that is what some people like to think). I’ve been kicked out of lives by friends who I thought cared about me and accepted me for who I was. One of my previous best friends dumped our friendship because “All Trump supporters are racist”.

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Rosanne Barr, who admits to having mental health issues, isn’t allowed to make a slip up. Yet Samantha Bea gets to run her mouth and spew out hate at an alarming rate. How is this justice?

I just recently wrote a blog post about hate. And although it sounds like I’m being hateful right now, it’s actually quite the opposite. I don’t think it’s right for anyone to call people nasty names.

I invite my friends who see this hypocrisy to stand up for themselves. I know people are getting sick of it. I hear it all of the time in personal conversation. But no one says anything publicly because they know of the social repercussions.

Be Who You Are

Don’t be afraid to be who you are! It’s better to be surrounded by a few loved ones who accept you for you (and feel completely comfortable with yourself) then suffocated by people who want to change you! People like that are toxic for your soul because they try to tell you that you need to change yourself and mold yourself into what they believe.

I still care about the people that have decided to remove me from their life. However, it wouldn’t be healthy to try to maintain a friendship with them or think about the past because there is nothing I can do to change how they view things outside of praying for them.

I also pray for myself to not be so angry, which is an issue of mine that I have. I know in the past I have said stated my political beliefs in not the most mature manner, which I am finding my way through. However, true friends would stick by my side through my imperfections. I am not a hateful person, more or less I am someone who is very passionate about what they believe in.

Here’s the deal, if you are perfect, you have every right to judge people. But guess what; you aren’t. I already solved that mystery for you. The only person that was perfect was Jesus, and he died for our sins, something that none of us ever could do or would do unless it was forced upon us.

Face it, we all have problems that we are facing so judging someone from their mistakes (such as Rosanne Bar’s tweet, which she apologized for) is just wrong.

Friends, please be true to yourself. Turn to God when questioning your beliefs instead of culture. We are to be in this world and not of it, which means that God will test us and we must accept what he gives us willingly, no matter what trials he throws our way. We must keep strong in knowing that this is his plan.

Bible Verse John 15:18

Bible Verse John 15:18

Bible Verse 2 Timothy 3:12

Bible Verse 2 Timothy 3:12

Bible Verse 1 Peter 4:14

Bible Verse 1 Peter 4:14

But the Bible also says to pray for those who persecute you…

Bible Verse Matthew 5:44

Bible Verse Matthew 5:44

Remember it is our goal to want everyone saved. Not just our friends who agree with us. First of all, we aren’t perfect and need a little praying for ourselves (can I get an “Amen”).

Second of all, we should love everyone and want eternal joy for our fellow brothers and sisters. How can we be a child of God if we want to persecute people?

What are your thoughts on this blog post? I’d really like for you to share them. Please feel free to comment below.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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