Everything You Need To Know About Potty Training (Infographic)

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A Guide For Moms To Have Fun With Potty Training!

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Updated Tip June 26th, 2018

This guide was first written in September of 2017. At that time I made this guide based on the success I had using these tips on my son what previously went through potty training. I have now discovered that this guide will help you when you are potty training a boy or potty training a girl because other moms have said these tips worked for them as well! 

This parenting infographic/ parenting article will help you potty train your kid by:

  • Giving a timeline as to when the best time is to potty train your child.
  • Sharing some signs of readiness that will help you determine if your toddler is ready to potty train or not.
  • Throwing out some ideas that may be fun to try while your toddler is potty training.
  • Giving you some tips on how to make your life easier while potty training your little one.
  • Reminding you that you are an awesome mom!

If you like my infographic or if you want to share any potty training stories or tips below, please feel free to comment! After all, parenting is funny, potty training just adds more laughter! 

Holly- The Imperfect Momma

Potty Training Guide

Motherhood is hard enough. It’s easy to get stressed out about the daunting task of potty training.

However, If  Your Little One Becoming A Toddler,  It’s Time To Start Introducing The Toilet

Potty training doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. In fact, potty training can be a positive experience that can give your child a feeling of independence. 

Teaching your toddler how to use the potty is easier than you think. As long as you follow these steps, potty training will be a breeze for you and your little one. 

The Best Time To Potty Train- Whats The Best Potty Training Age?

The best time to start potty training can be anywhere from 18-24 months. However, it is important to remember that every child is different.  The age that your little one learns to use the potty has no correlation with their level of intelligence. 

Signs That Your Child Is Ready

The first sign is that your child takes interest in the bathroom. They ask about the toilet, touch the toilet paper, etc.  If you already have a potty chair for your toddler at this time you can show them how to use it. 

Another sign is that they have predictable bowel movements. Having predictable bowel movements shows that your child can remain accident free if they may need to wait a few minutes to use the toilet. 

Finally, if your child tells you when they have a dirty diaper and asks for it to be changed, it may be a sign of readiness.

Making Potty Training Fun

Get washable markers and let them draw on the toilet lid! They will also be sitting on the toilet backwards which means less mess!

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Help them get familiar with the feeling of poop! There are several ways to do this- my favorite one is using brown play-dough. 

Get your toddler some underwear that has their favorite character on it! Your little one will be so excited to wear the underwear that he/she will work extra hard to potty train! 

Award them with prizes! A prize box is super fun for the kids, and you can get toys from the dollar store! Something you can easily afford with all of the money you will save on diapers when your toddler is potty trained. 

 Making Potty Training Easier

Get a waterproof mattress pad. They aren’t too expensive and if they wet the bed it will be much easier to clean up. Accidents are bound to happen, even after your child is potty trained. 

Put a coffee filter in your child’s potty if they are going #2! It will be much easier for you to clean the mess. And then grab a new filter and make yourself some much earned coffee. 

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

It’s easy to get worked up and upset if your toddler is taking a long time to use the potty. If your little one is unwilling to potty train, it is more than likely that they are simply not ready. It has nothing to do with your parenting.

Remember to look for the signs of readiness discussed above. When you see these signs, use some of the fun ideas in this infographic to get them on the toilet!

Most importantly, don’t stress out, your child will get there eventually. You’re doing a great job!

Holly, the imperfect momma. 

The Christian Working Mom Blog



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