A Mom’s Daily To-Do List (How Do We Do It)…

I am am proud to run a

Christian working mom blog

but lets face it, I’m busy.

A to-do list, for me, is a list that gives me peace of mind. In my reality, I have about 72 things to remember to do during the day, and I’m not smart enough to remember what all 72 things are.

Here’s My Daily (or almost daily) to-do list. I’ve included the things that are always on there. Now, keep in mind I also have a full-time job working at home in marketing…

You know and I know that moms are really good at multi-tasking. We also know that although multi-tasking is easy for us, remembering everything that we have to do is not. It’s been statistically proven that people get more things done when they write them down.

How Do I Do It?

Please read through my (relatable) to-do list. At the end, I promise to tell you how you can get through your to-do list as well.

mom of a boy

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This Mom’s To-Do List (Daily Items With Some Weekly Bonus Ones Thrown In)

  1. Writing my to-do list. For my personal and work life. Technically this doesn’t go on my to-do list everyday but it’s the most important thing for me to remember (if I don’t, I will stress out about what I need to do because I can’t remember everything no matter how hard I try; and then there goes half of my time…)
  2. Laundry. (Practically on my to-do list everyday.) Either its put the laundry in, fold or put away.
  3. Feed the dog. THREE TIMES. Remember to do all three times because her meals are the highlight of her day.
  4. Take vitamins. (For me and my son.)
  5. Wipe off the toilet seats (and all the moms with preschool boys said “Amen”).
  6. Work on my blog for at least an hour.
  7. Making sure Cody and I have a conversation about who is cooking and what we are eating (we aren’t good at meal planning). Usually Cody cooks but it’s somehow still a stressful process.
  8. Since it’s summer, making sure Izaak get’s a bath (or two).
  9. Read the Bible. This should be my #1 priority and I’m working on that.
  10. Make sure at some point of the week to schedule some time for myself or to see friends.
  11. Also, sometime in the week to try to schedule a playdate.
  12. Do a learning activity everyday with Izaak. I usually miss this a few times a week.
  13. At some point of the day, take a shower or bath.
  14. Try to workout an average of a few hours a week.
  15. Sweep the kitchen, because no one takes off their shoes when they first walk in (lol).
  16. Do all of the other daily and weekly chores which I have decided not to go into full detail on because there are too many.
  17. Make sure that Stella (our puppy) didn’t have an accident anywhere in the house (seriously).
  18. Take my “healthy stuff”. I try to drink tea once a day, my “greens” drink and carrot juice. This I forget a few times a week but hey we are all human!
  19. Review  my work to-do list and blog to-do list (other to-do lists).

I’m going to stop because there is really so much more.

Wanna see my calendar? Probably not. But really, I like living this way. Experiencing life. I like to stay busy but I promise you I make time for myself so I don’t get too overwhelmed. It can be done.

How do I do it?

Pin it!

mom to-do lsit

That’s my little secret, but maybe I can share things with you.

How To Check Off (Mostly) Everything On Your To-Do List

Tip #1:

The most important part of not becoming overwhelmed in motherhood is to find a partner who supports and helps you. If you choose to do motherhood without a significant other, make sure to have a support system to help you through tough times and to assist you when you feel overwhelmed. If you don’t have anyone currently, join mom groups in your area to connect with other mothers. There are even Facebook groups you can join. Most of these groups are very supportive.

Tip #2

There are going to be lazy days and this is totally acceptable. I know that I need to take care of myself. I love to live life but I also love my lazy days and I don’t feel bad about it.

Some Christian Advice:

Remember that God took the seventh day to rest when he made the Earth. As a Christian woman, I take this to heart when trying to get more done than I can mentally and/or physically handle. 

Know that your child will love you despite that fact that you aren’t perfect. And again, if you have a partner make sure they support you as well. Feeling loved within your own home is crucial to your happiness and allows you to be who you are and focus on what is truly important for your family.

Tip #3

Try not to get sucked into spending hours scrolling on social media. This is a real problem for everyone with a smartphone.

The most obvious reason to avoid your phone is that it is a waste of time. However, I’d also like to add that phone screens make you tired, and so does comparing yourself to everyone else who only put their best moments out there for other people to see.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making time for what is important and prioritizing. It’s okay to leave something for tomorrow but not falling far too behind. It’s crucial to pencil in time for loved ones. As long as you got a good work/personal life balance, you should be fine.

A Great Tip For Work At Home Moms:

If you’re looking for some excellent advice on how to get work done as mom who works from home, my friend Amy from Pairings & Parenting gives some great advice about how to get more work done when working from home! She’s one of my favorite bloggers, and her advice has helped me get through some really hectic days!

What are some things that are on your to-do list today? Feel free to share below.

-Holly, the imperfect momma


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