What Drugstore Dry Shampoo Works For Any Hair Type? (Video)

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i got this dry shampoo and shine brush from target!

I like a low maintenance routine.

I know when it comes to my hair, it can be a little indecisive. Not just with texture or type, but also color as I dye it often. I like having choices, and my hair products need to understand that.

As a mom on a budget, one of my favorite beauty products is my Batiste Dry Shampoo. It’s 6.7 ounces of hair heaven and the clean scent smells amazing. The whole line of dry shampoos matches what I need in a dry shampoo.

Let me explain with the best beauty advice that I can give you. Find the right dry shampoo, say goodbye to greasy hair.

Batiste Dry Shampoo meets almost anyone’ hair needs. For example, if you don’t like the clean scent, they have different kinds and smells to match your hair type and color (they even have a dry shampoo for blonde, brunette,and darkkkk hair! ). When I had dark brown hair I used their dry shampoo for dark hair.

I will tell you this, their dry shampoo works WELL! As a working mom and mom blogger, I don’t have time to wash my hair everyday. This beauty product works wonders for me.

However, like all hair products, my dry shampoo needs to be applied correctly to be effective.

I get this dry shampoo from Target and it’s just under $6.00. It’s nice to have a beauty product that is cheap and works well (which is rare in my book). Really you can get it almost anywhere. I even seen it at most Charlotte Russe stores that I’ve been to. Besides seeing it at Charlotte Russe and Target, I’ve also seen it at Walmart, Ulta, and Walgreens. You can buy it on Amazon. I’m sure there are a few other stores that sell it that I am unaware of.

The Easiest Dry Shampoo Routine

Check out my video below or read the instructions.

Also, just a quick note to add below the video, I forgot to include my favorite brush to use when working the dry shampoo through my hair. My brush of choice is the Wet Brush Shine brush! 

Ok, time for my video! Watch below and enjoy!

beauty advice

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It’s taken some time to learn the routine, but here is how I think dry shampoo is best used:

  1. Make sure to wait as long as you can to use it. The longer you go without washing your hair or using dry shampoo the longer your hair won’t need either routines.
  2. The first step to applying dry shampoo is to spray it approximately ten inches from the roots.
  3. Use the product sparingly. I’ve went though a whole bottle in two weeks before and eventually I realized that I used too much. Now a bottle lasts me over a month.
  4. Apply to the top of the head. Let it sit there for about thirty seconds and then brush it out. Don’t spray the dry shampoo further than your roots. Not only is your older hair dryer, it’s also going to get some of the dry shampoo product from the roots when you brush your hair out.
  5. Optional: Massaging the dry shampoo. Although not necessary to achieve the right look, I found that massaging the dry shampoo into the roots for about a minute and then brushing my hair gives me the best results.

I always love to learn new beauty tips. If you have any tips to make our beauty routines more effective, cheaper or just more fun, please share below. We all want to  hear!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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