Feeling Distressed And Distant From God (The Book Of Job)

Life Lessons That The Book Of Job Can Teach You

The Book Of Job Summary


the book of job summary

When we are suffering or feeling despair, sometimes it’s easy to turn away from God or even blame him for our sorrows.

One of my favorite Books in the Bible is the Book of Job.

The Book of Job teaches a great deal about Christian values, gives some great Christian advice and provides a sense of calm when you are in the middle of a storm.

Satan Cannot Defeat Us If We Put Our Faith In God

The Book of Job is the perfect example of how Satan tries to destroy us, but God always has the final say. When you are feeling distressed and distant, don’t turn away from God. Turn to the Bible, especially the Book of Job.

What Does The Book Of Job Teach Us About Despair, Satan And God’s Power?

Satan’s Power

Job had it all. God blessed Job with everything because he was a faithful servant. But Satan questioned Job’s devotion to God.

God one day asked Satan what he thought of Job. (I’m sure he knew what Satan’s reply would be; keep in mind that God has a plan for everything.) This was Satan’s reply:

The Book Of Job

The Bible verse below is very critical in order for one to understand the Book of Job.

God let (an important verb ; Satan had to get God’s approval) Satan take everything from Job. His health, his wealth and even his family. The only thing God did not allow Satan to take away from Job was his own life.

The Book Of Job- Satan's Power

Satan has NO POWER over God

What The Bible Teaches About Unbearable Suffering

Job losses almost everything he has on Earth. His seven sons and three daughters. His seven thousand sheep and even his servants, as well as everything in-between. Job felt like he had nothing to live for. Needless to say, Job’s faith begin to waiver and he cursed and cried out to God tirelessly as he felt physical, mental and emotional pain. He literally asked God to take his life.

The Book Of Job

After he losses almost everything, Job no longer wants to live on Earth. However, God knew that Job still had life left living, and a lesson to learn that we, even thousands of years later, can learn from as well. In fact, I would say that I learn at least one new lesson each time I read the Book of Job.

One thing that really caught my eye was Job’s level of despair this time around and how  no matter how much pain Job was in he never took his own life. I think deep down he still had faith in God, and never once did he question God’s power.

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When A Spouse Rejects You

Even when his wife (who did not die when his children did; more than likely to serve the purpose of testing Job) basically told job to curse God and die. It’s interesting that his wife is only mentioned in the Bible when telling Job to give up the fight.


Of course, if I lost all of my children (and my husband was suffering terribly) as a mother and wife I’m not sure how I would handle that. My faith would have been tested, as it already has for smaller trials than the one that Job’s wife faced.

Job’s wife is only mentioned in the Bible when she tests Job’s faith by telling him to give up in life. I think her purpose was to test Job, but he didn’t fully give into temptation. He complains to God but he always still thought of God as his redeemer.

The Book Of Job

God Loves His Followers. Period.

The book of Job has a happy ending! (Yay!) God blessed Job IMMENSELY with more children and a long life.

In fact, he had, again, seven sons and three daughters. There is no real answer to if Job stayed with his original wife or remarried, although it never stated that he was remarried so we would assume that he reconciled with his wife (and hopefully his wife reconciled with God).

You may ask why God allowed Satan to perform  such a massacre.  I can’t give you the answer to that. However, I do know that there is a time and place for everything, and that God is all power and has infinite wisdom, it was their time to go. We must remember that God takes care of true believers and that life after Earth is much more rewarding.

What If Someone Does End Their Own Life?

We must also remember that Job almost gave up. Quite a few times. That’s why we cannot judge those who take their own lives. Depression and mental illness are both tough subjects. Those who reach a certain point aren’t in their right state of mind and it’s not them who make the decision to end their own life.

Read My Favorite Quote From The Book of Proverbs

There’s a great article by Debbie McDaniel  that talks about suicide in the Bible. She agrees with me that the Bible does not say that suicide is unforgivable. She also mentions the most important verses of the Bible that proves this point, Romans 8: 38-39:

Bible verse Romans 8: 38-39

Although Job was able to survive the loss of his family and severe physical pain and isolation, there are others that might not be able to push past that, and we cannot judge their actions.

I cant imagine the point that one would need to get to to end their own life, because I’ve never been there before. However, I do know that God loves all of his children and knows our inner most thoughts. I can’t imagine God punishing someone eternally for feeling too much sorrow.

The Book of Job teaches me many life lessons and it is one of my favorite books in the Bible. What are some of your favorite books/verses in the Bible? Please share below.

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-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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