Traditional AND Unique Baby Names (For Boys AND Girls)


Look at this list before you name your child after a car or fruit….

I had a big struggle when trying to pick out Izaak’s name.

Basically Cody and I couldn’t agree on anything. We finally found a name in a baby book (I know, generic).

Picking out your baby’s name is hard! Their name is what they will Identify by for the rest of their life; you need to make sure that you will always like it and that it’s not just a “trendy” name.

Trendy Baby Names Aren’t The Best Idea

That’s why (my opinion here) I love traditional baby names; sometimes with a little twist. For example, Isaac is a very traditional name, however we spell our boys name “Izaak” (an uncommon way to spell his name) and call him “IZ” a lot.

Here’s some parenting advice to take to heart; the thing is with trendy names (please don’t be mad at me) is that they won’t be trendy in five years. In fact, your kid might just get picked on if you name him or her “Hawkeye” or “Allegra”…

Also, please don’t name your child Stormi Webster like Kylie Jenner…

Here are some traditional names that you will love when considering names for your sweet baby boy or girl. These names are not only traditional, but I made sure to pick out the uncommon baby names as well.

Baby Boy Names:

  • Izaak (My sweet son’s name! Everyone loves how it is spelled.)
  • Peter
  • Caleb
  • Henry
  • Noah
  • Elliot
  • Thomas
  • Graham
  • Homer (My cat’s name, sorry I HAD to put that in there.)
  • Solomon
  • George
  • William
  • Fredirick
  • Jude

Baby Girl Names:

  • Linda
  • Grace
  • Alice
  • Tabitha
  • Charlotte
  • Jane
  • Juliette
  • Clara
  • Nora
  • Rosemary (My personal FAVORITE.)
  • Stella (My dog’s name. It’s cute, right?)
  • Diana
  • Eva
  • Faith
  • Gwendolen

I know it’s tough when considering a name. But my advice is to go with a name that is traditional yet slightly uncommon.

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What’s your favorite baby names? Share below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma

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