5 Behaviors to Keep in Mind When Raising a Child

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By the age of 2, a child already has developed 80% of their brain size.

Even after the age of two, the brain grows at an alarmingly rapid rate. Needless to say, children rely on their parents and other trusted adults to help teach them right and wrong. They hear and see everything!

Your children are like sponges.

It is really spectacular how fast my son is learning. In four years he has gone from needing me for everything to beating me at matching games and building Legos. Izaak picks up on very single action, every word, every cue that he is given. He brain is continuing to grow at lightening speed. Parenting is always difficult as children grow quickly but also very rewarding.


He takes everything in around him and learns from it. 

Make no mistake that if my son isn’t listening its because he chooses not to take my advice, or do as I tell him. There are moments yes that he does get too distracted, but these moments pass quickly and are infrequent.

It is really an honor to think that God entrusted my husband and I with the amazing gift of a child. One to raise up and love. One that counts on us to teach him, protect him, guide him and love him so that he may grow up and do the same with a family on his own. He’s the best gift that I could ever ask for. That’s why it’s important to gather good parenting advice.

It is so important that we try our best not to mess up, even though at times we will. I believe in parenting with love AND logic. We cannot beat ourselves up for the mistakes that we make, but we must learn from them. As long as you are raising a happy child, all will be well in your parenting world.

All that matters to us is that Izaak is happy and healthy.  Here are some things we try to keep in mind while raising our child.

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Raising A Happy Child: 5 Behaviors To Keep In Mind

1. My kid is not easily fooled.

I know Izaak is smart. Most of the time he can tell when I am being genuine. I can’t say to Izaak that he is the best at everything, but I do remind him of what he is great at. If he is naughty, we don’t ignore it. We work on the issue together in a calm manner. My husband and I try not to get angry or yell around Izaak because he will act in the same manner if he gets upset.

2. My child needs to talk about his feelings.

Children need to know that their feelings are being validated.  For example, if Izaak says he is scared of doing something new, we talk about it and find ways to make him more comfortable. Communication with our child is at the utmost importance to our family.

3. We don’t lie to him, most of the time…

We know that lying to our son is not the right thing to do in most instances.  For example, if Izaak wants to go to Dairy Queen and its just not happening, I don’t lie to him and tell him that Dairy Queen is closed. I tell him that we aren’t getting ice cream today. Sometimes saying no to him requires an explanation. Sometimes not. Just because Izaak is being good does not mean he gets everything he wants.

4. We aren’t always positive, but we try not to be negative.

I always make sure to avoid negative comments about anyone in front of Izaak. He is still innocent and loves everyone. Izaak understands concepts like stranger danger and that there are bad people in the world, but I don’t want him to learn bad habits of putting others down.

5. Most important, as parents we remind ourselves everyday that what we do is enough.

We try our best with him. I personally am always making mistakes, but parenting is a learning process. It’s hard at times not to ignore my own bad behavior when the world is throwing things my way left and right. But my son’s innocence reminds me that it is my duty to raise him the best that I can.

I want my son to grow up into a person with strong morals that is also not afraid to express and process his emotions. I know Izaak mirrors my good and bad behavior because he loves me. He makes me better because if I do slip up around him he’s always there to remind me by mimicking what I do. Izaak makes me a better person because he forces me to better myself.

raising a child

We make a great team.

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first.- Matthew L. Jacobson

Holly, The Imperfect Momma

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