Teaching Stranger Danger To Young Kids (5 Tips + Video)

Stranger Danger Short Video

Estimated Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Video Time: Less Than One Minute

Fast Fact: About 800,000 children are taken every year in the U.S. 

Top 5 Tips When Teaching Stranger Danger To Young Kids (Video Above)

This is an important tip for new moms and dads who want to keep their child safe from dangerous predators. This stranger danger video is less than a minute and is the perfect short video for all parents who are struggling with teaching their young children the concept of stranger danger.

Make sure to keep teaching your kids about important safety tips. If you don’t want to watch the video, I also included written instructions below.

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stranger dange

1. Explain What Strangers Are-  What does the word stranger mean? (A necessary question that your child needs to know the answer to.) Explain to your little one not only what a stranger is but also what the word “trusted adult” means.

2. Teach Basic Do’s And Don’ts-  Children have a hard time understanding how to interact with the various people in their life from the man who bikes down the street every morning to their grandma.

3. Show Kids What Adults They Can Trust-  It’s important for any child to feel safe.  Make sure to talk to them about who they can trust and who they should not be around unless they are accompanied by a trusted adult.

4. Practice Different Scenarios –  When it comes to child safety, it is crucial to prepare for any situation, even ones that are difficult to think about.  Hopefully your child will never be put in a dangerous kidnapping situation, but if a stranger approaches them your child needs to know what to do.

5. Avoid Sounding Scary – Explain to them that while strangers may look nice, they may not act nice. There is no way to tell if a stranger is safe or not, so it’s always best to find a trusted adult in any situation.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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