A Marriage Of Selflessness (FREE Downloadable eBook)

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Christian websites agree that it’s very important to take out the “I” in marriage.

If there is one quality that can improve the healthiness of your marriage and foster unity and love, then that quality is: selflessness.

This involves overlooking many things and putting the need of your spouse before your own; putting right some of the things he/she forgets to put in place even though it’s not your duty.

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All Marriages Need To Be Worked On

We all know that humans cannot physically be 100% selfless. However, it doesn’t mean that you should throw the white flag in and call it quits.

The most important thing that married couples can do for each other is be as selfless as possible,  because selflessness is the key to a (near) blissful marriage. If your relationship is going through some rough patches, or if you’re trying hard to keep it strong, selflessness may be the key, so consider it.

Helping Each Other Out 

If your spouse struggles with dishes, don’t ever have them do the dishes. In return, they can do the laundry that you don’t like to do.  Not only will you be closer emotionally because you take care of each other, but your physical relationship will benefit too.

The Past Is The Past

One of the greatest mistakes that couples make in relationships is remembering their significant other’s mistakes and pinning the past against them.  Yes, there are some behaviors that cannot be condoned, e.g., any form of abuse, but small personality flaws and bad days should be overlooked.

This does not mean that we should never bring to the attention of our spouse some things that we do not like and can lead to better efficiency in the house or better prosperity of the family. But when our partners err carelessly, we shouldn’t always be too keen to point out their mistakes.

God Wants Us To Be Selfless

It is my belief that God wants us to be happy in our marriage and want it to be successful (And this is a safe assumption considering that He himself instituted the union of a man and a woman). If we truly followed our Christian values we would need to  be loving to our spouses and to put their needs above ours.

So, if God wants us to be selfless, who are we to think behaving otherwise is acceptable?

And when you’re feeling like you’re exhausting all of your patience, consider praying to God for selflessness because it can help you to have more love and energy to spend on your husband or your wife.

Please read my short eBook that explains further the importance of selflessness in marriage.

This eBook is printable and free for you to share with anyone you please.

Here is my special eBook, that I am handing out for free in hopes that other’s may benefit from reading it. Download eBook here: A Marriage Of Selflessness


Please share your thoughts about this eBook in the comment section below. 

-Holly, the imperfect momma.





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