When Is Mother’s Day 2018

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Just in case you were wondering, Mother’s Day this year is on May 13th

Mother’s day is a beautiful but busy holiday. Make sure to prepare yourself for your mom wanting to do lunch, dinner with your mother-in-law and if you have more mothers than that then good luck to you.

Fast Fact: On Mother’s Day this year, it is estimated that over 23 billion will be spent on gifts.

You will realize if you haven’t already that  there may be no time to celebrate you as a mother outside of MAYBE breakfast in bed.

Despite It All Not Being About You, Enjoy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Is Beautiful 

I honestly love this busy day. Being around the moms in my life, from my mom to the mom that raised my husband. As long as I get some sort of recognition, even if it’s just a card and a smile, I’m happy.

Mother’s Day Is A Great Reminder Of The Beauty Of Motherhood

Even though I’m a working mom who also has a side-hustle (my blog) my family is what makes me happy more than anything.

Mother’s Day is a reminder that:

  1. My family does appreciate me.
  2. I am lucky to have great female role models.

This Mother’s Day, even if I’m busy I’m going to be grateful. There is nothing bad about having almost too many family members in your life.

So if you have some awesome moms in your life, whether it be your mom or your friend that’s a great mom, make sure to be thankful for mothers. Without Mother’s doing what they do on the daily, who knows what this already crazy world would be like?


-Holly, the imperfect momma.

The Christian Working Mom Blog

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