Don’t Ever Speak To My Child About Politics

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Fast Fact: This comes as no surprise: The Washington Times has found that liberal professors outnumber conservative professors 12:1

Today I’m going to be talking about politics, and it’s only because people have become extremely inappropriate with this hot topic.

Rant #1- There Is A Time And A Place For Politics 

For example, against popular opinion I think that social media is a great platform to discuss hot button topics such as abortion  and politics because people can choose to listen to what you have to say or keep scrolling. Same with blog posts (such as mine) and YouTube videos. You don’t want to read the article or watch the video? It’s totally fine, you don’t have to. No one should ever feel forced to listen to another person’s opinions.

Additionally, depending on the situation and the people in said situation, it’s OK to bring up politics at certain social gatherings. 

However, there are lines being crossed and people aren’t willing to admit it. It should not be acceptable to bring up politics at an awards ceremony, sports, comedy shows or any other area of entertainment unless it is specifically a political show or perhaps a skit show like Saturday Night Live.

There are certain outlets that people look forward to to help them de-stress. Sports, for example. Can you imagine if every single sports player forced their own agenda out on the field? Just think of how disruptive that would be to the game.

You may think “Holly this is unfair”. You may tell me that it’s called freedom of speech. 

You are right, we are all allowed to speak our minds but within limits. What if I brought up politics to my customers while working? Actors and Athletes should not force politics on their customers- A.K.A, their fans and viewers.

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Rant #2 -When Is Talking About Politics Acceptable?

I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that’s what makes this gosh darn country so flippin’ great (I suppose).

I don’t want to take that freedom away from anyone. However, if a person pays for a sporting event, to see a comedy show, or any other sort of entertainment they should not be forced to listen to someone rant about their political views. That is just uncomfortable.

So when is it okay?


Sounds pretty sensible when you think about it, right?


If I brought up my political views to any of the customers I interact with I can’t imagine it ending well. I also know not to talk politics to anyone who isn’t my child who is under the age of 18.

For the love of cheese pizza why is this so hard to understand?

There is a reason that I am so worked up about this topic right now. On top of all of the other reasons I have such as I am a person with common sense and I’m sick of being told what to think.

Such as “You’re a woman, why didn’t you vote for Hillary Clinton? (SO SEXIST!)

Now you all know that I don’t like her, but honestly I think that that is the majority of us. I’m not the biggest fan of Donald Trump now either, but to me it was a clear choice during the election. I’m honestly not trying to get in a political argument here, but I’m trying to showcase how crazy people were during the election- such as telling me who I should vote for simply because I was a woman. Ugh…

Here’s what’s even worse than people telling me what to think:

Politics were forced down my throat, my kids throat and everyone’s throat at a children’s theater a few days ago. Now people are trying to tell my four year old child what to think…

hillary clinton donald trump

Rant #3- When Politics Become Uncomfortable 

Recently, we were at a CHILDREN’S PLAY and one of the actors decided to throw insult to a certain political leader.

Everyone knows that the circus display described above was highly inappropriate.

It was a very uncomfortable situation. I do not feel it is right to take a form of children’s entertainment and use it as a way to try and start children on politics.

Granted, I’m sure that most of the children in the audience didn’t quite understand the joke, but shouldn’t it be my choice, as my son’s mom, to decide what to teach my son in terms of politics? Should I even have to ask that question?

(Also before anyone starts grumbling at me yes it is  Izaak’s choice AS HE GETS OLDER what he wants to believe in.)

parenting advice

↑↑↑ My son and I at the play before it started.   

Rant #4- It’s Not Okay To Push Politics On Children 

I’d like to also point out that I was in an area that had very one-sided views. I can’t imagine though that there wasn’t at least one person besides me that felt very uncomfortable with the “childish” joke. (Insert laugh here.)

There must have been some uncomfortable people in the audience. Also, as Helen Lovejoy from the Simpson’s would state “Think about the children!”.

Imagine if one child that had a part in the play actually disagreed with their joke or them even bringing up politics (but was too uncomfortable to say anything). If there was, that child must have felt very alienated, just like I have felt alienated in the past with my beliefs. I know the feeling, I’ve lost friends simply because I didn’t agree with their viewpoints. It’s an awful feeling.

I’m At A Loss

I really want to know your thoughts about this situation. I need some parenting advice.

Honestly after taking my kid to have innocent fun and then having to be reminded about how “stupid” I am for believing what I believe at a CHILDREN’S PLAY I’m just about done.

Thoughts please…

-Holly, the imperfect momma

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