Why Do I Love Wine?

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Why Do Women Love Wine?

I drink wine everyday. Mommy’s time out with wine is very important to her. 

Just kidding, but no judgement if you do. I like to have a glass or two a few nights a week (and maybe a little more on the weekends). I also want to do one of those wine and paint classes, if I can ever find a friend to do one with. (No, it’s not boring…)

So, let me count the ways that I love wine.

Actually, wait. There are too many! Here are my favorite 

Why Do Women (8)


Wine tastes good with just about anything. There is a wine for almost every food, and a flavor for almost any gal. 


Women have a million things on their mind the moment they get up in the morning (the female brain is great at multitasking). However, being talented can also be a bit stressful. Wine tends to take the edge off of things.


Cheap bottle of vodka? Yuck! $5 bottle of wine- still tastes awesome. 

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Wine contains antioxidants. It also can reduce the risk of several health conditions and increase bone density. There are so many more health benefits!


From it’s labels to it’s T.V. appearances, the mommy blogs to advertisements, the consensus is that women are the wine drinkers.

Wine Is Just Amazing In General 

Clearly, like most women, I love wine in moderation. Wine tastes good and can be good for you. Wine is glamorous and fun. Wine helps relieve the edge after a long day. What more can a girl ask for.

Why do you love wine? I’d love to hear your favorite reason. Share below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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  1. I also prefer wine any day over some cheap beer. I find it very classy and sexy so to speak. I may sound biased , but “only ladies drink wine”.

    Do check out my lastest blog post , and do follow for more amazing blogs.


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