Does Corn Have Any Nutritional Value?- Women Ask Wednesday

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What Is The Nutritional Value Of Corn?

Good question. Corn is basically a cereal grain. 


I know how important healthy eating is for mothers.

Corn is confusing. It really isn’t a vegetable. However, the good news is that corn is still healthy. (It’s not if you pop it and add three pounds of butter

Corn is nutritional if prepared the correct way. Here is it’s nutritional value of corn (short and sweet, right down to the point.) 

  • Corn is mostly made of carbs. However, it scores relitively low on the glycemic index, so whole corn shouldn’t create large spikes in blood sugar.
  • Corn also offers protein. Corn’s protein content is anywhere from 10-15% (it all depends on the variety).  
  • Corn offers a decent number of vitamins and minerals. However, it must be noted that  the amount of protein in a corn is different depending on the type.
  • For reference, it is thought that popcorn contains many minerals.
  • Sweet corn is more known for providing the vitamins.
  • Corn can have beneficial health effects. In fact, corn contains higher amounts of antioxidants than many other common cereal grains.
  • Corn contains a fair amount of fiber. One medium bag of popcorn from a cinema (112 g) contains approximately 16 grams of fiber.

So yes, even though corn really isn’t a “vegetable” keep eating your sweet corn and popping bags in the microwave. IT”S GOOD FOR YOU DAMN IT!


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