How To Make Your Birthday More Meaningful

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It has now become the trend to thank your mom on your birthday, and I’ve never been more excited about a new trend.

Make sure to thank your mom on your birthday.

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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday I turned 28 years young (Happy Birthday To Me). It’s hard to comprehend that I’ve already spent 28 years of my life on this Earth, not counting the time I spent developing in my beautiful mother’s tummy.

I thought about many things as my birthday lingered nearer. How much older I was getting, where the next ten years would take me, you know regular birthday thoughts. There really wasn’t much else to consider as far as my birthday besides the fact that I was inevitably getting older.

My head was deep in thought as it often is. (I’m a writer, are you surprised?) I started thinking about my youth and how I’m gradually losing it.

What Was My Youth Like? Like most people, it as exciting but emotional. I had a lot of shit to figure out. 

Here’s the thing, sometimes we glamorize our past and only remember the good parts of it. My youth was great but as I’m entering the later parts of it, I’ve realized that life only gets better as we get older.

I’m really enjoying where I am now. I have a beautiful family, we are getting a puppy and I also have a great job. Everything is steady but still fun. I’ve become more mindful of my identity, what I want in life and what’s important to me.

Faith and Family is my life. Sure friends are great, and work creates purpose. But who really loves me? The God who created me and the people who keep me in their inner circle.

To be honest, if I had to pick my favorite people, it would probably go in this order:

  1. My husband
  2. My son
  3. My mom

I love my father but it’s hard to beat the bond that a child has with their mom. We all started in our mother’s womb. You can’t replicate that sort of love.

I  am more aware than ever of how much I appreciate the woman who helped shape me into who I am today. I have a great relationship with her now but it wasn’t always that way.

You see, my mom loved me so much that she had to discipline me, even if that meant that I would get angry at her. She is one of my best friends now but growing up I didn’t think that all of the time. She grounded me and didn’t give me what I wanted. She sometimes got mad at me, she told me the answer was no often.

What I Didn’t See When My Mom Was Upset Was Her Tears And Worries.

I guess when we are young we always want to get painted as the victim. We don’t want to admit when we are making mistakes and being stupid as teenagers, ESPECIALLY to authority figures like our parents.

My mom started making sacrifices for me the moment she found out I was growing inside of her.

She allowed her body to change for me. She was sick, sleepless, uncomfortable and hormonal all because she unconditionally loved her baby (me) that she had only seen on an ultrasound.

What a love mothers have for their children. They willingly give you their body for nine months and then spend many painful hours or even days in the delivery room. But almost every mom will tell you that the pain is all forgotten the moment that they hold their newborn baby in their arms.

Those same moms will also tell you that the pain and heartache is all part of it, and nothing that their kids can do would make them stop loving them.

What’s your point Holly? 

Motherhood is hard and beautiful. My beautiful mother fought for my well-being from the day that I was conceived. She’s never stopped being a warrior. That’s why shes important to me everyday, but especially on my birthday.

Make sure to thank your mom on your birthday.

Honestly it should be her day more than yours. She’s the hero of your birthday. She deserves the cake.


-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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