Wednesday Rants- I Need A Break

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January is the worst month. It’s like someone throwing some pineapple on your pizza. Not only is your pizza ruined, but some awesome pineapple was just wasted.

All the fun holidays are over. And the only thing we have to look forward to is Valentines Day (IF you have a partner) and of course my birthday.

Let’s get real. Rarely is anyone actually motivated by their New Year’s resolutions. It’s even harder here in Minnesota, where its negative a million gazillion degrees outside. I can’t imagine how sucky it must be if you have a birthday in January. That’s almost just as bad as having a Christmas birthday. (You can’t compete with Jesus.) But really, your parents should have tried harder to fight any birthday from December 24th- January 31st. (Don’t push mom.)

I am not motivated lately. January has brought out the worst in me and actually I am extremely stressed. Can I go hibernate please? I need to make my life easier for a few weeks. With a lot of thought I’ve decided that I’m taking a slight break from my blog. It’s my favorite thing to do but when life and mental health throw some curveballs at you even dreams have to go on the backburner.

But, as the terminator says “Get to the chopper!” Oh wait, wrong quote. What I meant to quote is “I’ll be back.” And I will, real soon. I like writing way too much. In the mean time I’ll be doing some “extra” stuff on here occasionally and working to make more connections and learn more about blogging to strengthen my website.

I’ll be gone for only a few weeks. If you would like to collaborate or have any suggestions (I can take constructive criticism.) feel free to reach me at

If not, you will still hear from me real soon!

In the meantime, if you need some inspiration, check out these cool activities to do with your kid: On A Budget? Here Is How To Still Be A Cool Mom


-Holly, the imperfect momma.


One thought on “Wednesday Rants- I Need A Break

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  1. This is so real…so real I don’t even know why I read it…I’m not a momma!?


    Loved it!

    As a soft tissue specialist…movement Analyst and elite performance coach…I run my own clinic fixing “broken people” and working with professional athletes.

    I really enjoyed the passion in this post and the path you have chosen…it’s empowering.

    You are a great role model for women, so just a quick message to say…keep doing you!

    Don’t forget that 99% wouldn’t have the burning desire and dedication to put their heart and soul on the line for us all to read.

    Hope all goes well. I wish you nothing but prosperity and success.

    Have an amazing day

    Mr Cleaver


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