When Will I Feel Adequate And Worthy?

Yesterday I had one of those moments.

A moment that may have not been monumental on its own, but when it was thrown in my pile of worries and negative thoughts that were running through my head it became explosive.

Now some readers may find this video dramatic. But I’m honestly sharing my true feelings here. I can’t help but get overwhelmed at what life throws at me, and I know that many of my loved ones are experiencing the same emotions as I am. It breaks my heart that our society continues to put pressure on the lives of millions of people who are already feeling too much of that same pressure. So I hope that I receive some positive feedback towards this video.

Check out this article: 15 Things That Can Make You Happy In 15 Minutes

It really comes down to this; we cannot depend on receiving happiness from others. Sorry to say this, but people are far from perfect. I depend on God. He is my rock, he loves me unconditionally.

I know that my God is not everyone’s choice, but this is my personal testimonial. He’s made a huge difference in my life, and I can’t help but share that.

-Holly, the IMPERFECT momma.


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