Wednesday Rant- Please Stop Complaining

This is on me ladies.

Today I’m complaining to myself, about myself. I’ve got a lot to learn. And I’ve also got a lot to be thankful for.

Enjoy the video.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Rant- Please Stop Complaining

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  1. Just to be a semi-devils-advocate, you *do* make goods points about minor inconveniences but I’ll offer this thought as a possible explanation about complaining. Let’s plug-in your mentioning time-travel into it.

    When everyone is using horses and riding a wagon train, but you have a cell phone and good car, then yeah, we have nothing to complain about. However, when “everybody” including you, drives a wagon train and a wheel needs fixing, then we gripe. Moving up to present day, when *everyone” has a tablet, cell phone, flat screen TV, car….and everybody else’s is working right now, but yours (or ours) is”t, then we complain. It’s the “Commonality” and when things don’t function or take too long that breeds complaint (other than someone just having a basically whiny attitude anyway). When we are “far ahead” of most others, then we don’t have much to complain about at all.
    What can I say? Trying to figure out possible explanations for explanations for why people do things, is fun.


    1. Aren’t you interesting! Yes, I completely agree with your observation. That is how we breed complaint. However, I am definitely trying to adjust that habit. It’s harmful to my well-being.

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