15 Things To Do That Can Make You Happier In 15 Minutes

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes

  1. Spend Time With Friends And Family-  They love you! dancing-dave-minion-510835__340
  2. Exercise- Even a quick 15 minute workout can boost your mood. kids-1099713_960_720
  3. Listen To Some Music- I really like Bob Seger. Bob Seger’s Top Hits
  4. Give someone a call and let them know that you appreciate them.- Just knowing that you made their day will make your day. Interesting concept. Placeholder Image
  5. Think of what you are thankful for- Because there is always something to be thankful for. pexels-photo-247835
  6. Spend some time in prayer.- God is good.

    “Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever”-Psalm 107:1

  7. Get some fresh air.- Unless its a cold Minnesota winter day. Just stay inside. relaxing-1979674_960_720
  8. Eat some healthy food such as fruit.- I’ve heard that eating pineapple also helps in other areas of one’s life (wink wink nudge nudge). fruit-2305192_960_720
  9. Take a few minutes to focus on your breathing.- You can also do yoga, which also helps with deep breathing. woman-591576_960_720
  10. Plan a night out.- That’s the first step to actually having a night out. img_9749
  11. Watch a funny video.
  12. Eat some damn ice cream.- Always stock some in the freezer, unless there is a Dairy Queen nearby. Or just eat something unhealthy but good. You could also drink wine. img_8542
  13. Take a power nap.- Who doesn’t like naps? img_9744
  14. Forgive someone.-  If you forgive, you get yourself free. friends-1261492_960_720
  15. Have a quickie- Interpret that however you want to. lips-1690875_960_720

How do you like to relax on a limited amount of time? I’d like to hear, because I’m a fan of relaxing myself! Comment below!

-Holly, the imperfect momma.



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