Science Says Kids Are Good For You (5 Reasons)

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Science Says That Kids Are Good For Your Health

Science has proved over and over again something that I already knew; that kids are good for a mother’s health.

Motherhood has brought so much joy in my life. Izaak makes me laugh, he challenges me, and he reminds me to enjoy what really matters. Despite being a Christian working mom, I still find more joy in parenting than stress.

Some Christian Parenting Advice: God gave us children to as another reason to experience joy (and of course to multiply). 

All emotions aside, there is also scientific evidence that proves the many benefits of having children. Here are my favorite five:

1. Children help you live longer.   

study conducted in Sweden that involved more than 1.4 million people found that parents lived longer than their non-parent counterparts. Parents have children to look after them, and still have family as they get older because of their children and grandkids.

Bonus: Another study found that the more time that children spent with their parents, the longer they lived.

2. Hugging your child will make both of you happier. 

Science says that hugging increases the hormone oxytocin, which some people refer to as the “love hormone”. Increasing this hormone helps reduce stress and has many more benefits. Receiving a hug from someone close to you or giving one is even better. (Like your child.)  The  recommended amount of hugs a day is eight, but I probably hug my child about 30 times a day.

Bonus: This study found that the more you hug your kids, the more their brain develops. So moms, feel free to hug away! Your child will be a genius.

3. Being a mom reduces risk of several cancers.

Women who have given birth in their twenties have a lower risk of getting breast cancer.

According to

“When breast cells are made during adolescence, they are immature and very active until your first full-term pregnancy. Immature breast cells respond to the hormone estrogen as well as hormone-disrupting chemicals, such as bisphenol A (BPA) and parabens, in plastic and other products. Breast cancer is uncontrolled growth of breast cells. Your first full-term pregnancy makes the breast cells fully mature and grow in a more regular way.”

There’s more good news. Additionally, for every baby that a woman has, the risk of her getting ovarian cancer decreases. Women with one child have a 20 percent reduction in risk. The chance of getting ovarian cancer also decreases further by eight percent for every child that a woman has after her first one. The Telegraph

Talk about health benefits!

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4. Kids force you to eat healthy.

According to a study done by Public Health Nursing, the healthier a mom eats, it is more likely that the kid will eat healthy as well.

This is true in my life. Before Izaak I even ate a hotdog off of the gas station floor because I dropped my first one and didn’t want to pay for two. (That is not a joke.) Now my son and I try to eat healthy and we drink carrot juice shots everyday.

5. Motherhood makes you smarter.

Several studies have now found that mothers are better at handling stress, problem-solving, memory skills among other things versus their non-mother counterparts.

This makes sense, and how could it not! As mothers we have to use our noggin every day to remember schedules,  handle tantrums, deal with pressures of work-life mixed with mom life, take care of the house, cook supper, the list goes on and on. I seriously think that my mind has sharpened since I became a mother.

So there you have it. Science shows that being a mother is awesome! I already knew that, and deep down I know that you knew that too!

What’s your favorite part about being a mom? Share in the comment section below. And thanks for reading.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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