On A Budget? Here Is How To Still Be A Cool Mom (Infographic)

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I’m Always A Mom On A Budget

With a list of bills longer than drive thru line at Starbucks at 6 a.m., it’s hard to have extra money to take kids on outings to expensive places such as the zoo and children’s museum. Motherhood is expensive (the average cost to raise a child is roughly $233,000) and I’m always a mom on a budget.

I’ve been there, wanting to do something fun but on a budget so tight that I can’t even afford to drive outside of town to take my son somewhere. It happens. Unexpected health expenses arise. Your kid grows out of all of their clothes. The car needed a costly repair. These situations can arise often.

I would love a free budget planner in my life, because I can’t afford to hire one. However, I’ve learned that there are easy tricks to help even financially clueless people like myself how to be a mom on a budget.

Some Christian parenting advice; lack of money is not a big deal to children. Luckily, kids are filled with wild imaginations that value simplicity. They just adore spending time with their parents. My son loves to participate in fun activities together that can be done in our small town, our backyard or right inside our house for absolutely free.

Great Free Activities For Kids

I thought I’d share some of our favorite free activities to do because I remember doing these activities was fun for both my son and I. We laughed and learned even more about each other. We engaged in creative expression. We let out some energy. WE HAD FUN!

I’ve included in a parenting infographic on my top 20 favorite free activities that I’ve done with my child before. Read below and enjoy!

20 Free Activities To Do With Your Kids- A Parenting Infographic



1. Create a secret handshake.

2. Go outside and stargaze.

3. Create something together for a family member or friend.

4. Have a themed movie night.

5. Throw a dance party and shake, shake, shake!

6. Go to the park.

7. Make a meal or have a dessert together.

8. Make some homemade bubbles and blow them outside or in the bathtub.

9. Create a circle of stuffed animals and tell stories.

10. Play with playdough.

11. Get out old Halloween costumes and play dress-up

12. Engage in pretend play such as store, teacher, prince and princess, etc.

13. Make up stories and tell them to each other.

14. Have a show and tell.

15. Find a local place to volunteer.

16. Go through toys and pick out some to donate.

17. Do an outdoor scavenger hunt.

18. Pick wildflowers.

19. Find rocks outside and then paint them.

20. Play classic games like tag, hide-and-seek, red light green light, etc.

What are some free activities that you and your child/children do together when you are a mom on a budget? Motherhood can be hard, let’s help each other.

-Holly, the imperfect momma.

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