My Personal Bucket List

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Welcome to my world as a working mother. A world that consists of me working, cleaning, blogging, parenting, eating and pooping. Not to get too personal, but despite my busy lifestyle I still love my life.

Recently I promised myself that I would be a little more selfish. That I would create a some free time to do things I’ve always wanted to do, try, and learn. So that I can continue to be a happy mommy. Does that make sense?

 Here are twenty-four selfish things I want to do or see, hopefully soon.

And some great bucket list ideas for anyone to use!

  1. Travel out of the country. Preferably somewhere with castles.
  2. Time travel, this will probably never happen but it’s fun to dream.
  3. Read the whole Bible within a year. people-2594785_960_720
  4. Be on on a reality t.v. show, even if I am the first one “voted off”.
  5. Get an expensive gym membership so I’m forced to go there at least twice a week. Mostly use the hot tub while I’m there and take long showers. shower-1027904_960_720
  6. Win a big prize of some sort.
  7. Reach 100,000 monthly viewers on my blog.
  8. Be a contestant on a game show.
  9. Become really, really good at an instrument. violin-2659052_960_720
  10. Learn a different language, one that sounds sexy.
  11. Get my mom to teach me how she sews so well.
  12. Learn how to contour! I love makeup.
  13. Have a dachshund named Jack who is secretly my best friend.dachshund-2794944_960_720
  14. Run a marathon. (Here is another cute dog picture for you, you’re welcome.)dog-644111_960_720.jpg
  15. Learn to love spinach and anything green.
  16. Formulate a new wine that makes me feel better in the morning.
  17. Take singing lessons that make me sound like Celine Dion.
  18. Take the time to find recipes that take little time to make.burger-500054_960_720
  19. Also, take the time to get to know my husband more. We are always SO BUSY.
  20. Find the perfect lipstick. I’ve only gotten close with the NYX Matte Lipstick, so close.
  21. Learn how to dance, well.
  22. Stay at the Mall of America, all day. Drink wine, shop, see a movie, get my nails done, hair did, etc. Then spend the night at their hotel so I don’t have to be responsible. (Can you tell that I’m from Minnesota?)eat-1237431_960_720.jpg
  23.  Finish my time travel book, I’m only seventy pages in.
  24. Make a blog post that speaks to women across the globe.

Well, there you have it. A completely random, half serious and half funny bucket list. It’s genuine and from my heart.

What’s on your “selfish” bucket list?

Holly Marsh, the imperfect momma.


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