The Best And Hardest Part About Being A Mom

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Why Being A Mom Is Emotional On So Many Levels

Motherhood is beautiful! Being a mom is incredibly rewarding, but also extremely emotional.

My favorite children’s book of all time is Love you forever book by Robert Munsch. Love You Forever is a tale of a mother and her love  for her son. It talks about the stages of life they both have to go through as they grow and get older.

The book also is about tough times. People grow older and circumstances change, but the love between a parent and their child is unconditional. Being a mom is hard, but well worth it.

I feel that way about my boy and I. Motherhood is the role of a lifetime and it is challenging everyday. It is also rewarding every moment. I know the last four years of my life have been the best four years thanks to my son.

Recently it came to my attention that my son was getting more independent. He just started his second year of preschool and was so big that I could barely hold him anymore. I irrationally but understandably went into a panic. Where did the years go?

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The Best And Hardest Part Of Being A Mom Is Watching Your Children Grow

Some Christian parenting advice; parenting with love and logic has always worked for me.

For this experience, I thought about how going through different stages in childhood can be tough for mothers and children alike. I sorted out my feelings I realized how much pride I had for my son and the zest for life he had everyday.

I also felt sad because I missed the days when he was a baby and I got to hold him everyday, whenever I wanted to. Those days were now gone, and I would never be able to experience them again with my son.

At times I still miss my son crying for me, needing my attention. But I am also honored to witness how smart my son is now. He just turned four and his personality is showing more and more. I really enjoy learning and more about who he is everyday.

Why I Get Emotional About Parenting 

Every time I read Love You Forever to my son I get teary eyed, but that’s okay. It’s a nice feeling to have sometime to care about in the deepest sense.

I know I will never get to relive the years that he was a baby or toddler. But I will get to be a part of his future years, and we will have exciting adventures together. If he has a family of his own, I want to be there for that.

And if we have any more children, I can’t wait for them to bond together. That will be a wild experience. Being a mommy is the best feeling ever, and being a mom never ends. I have love for a lifetime and It’s the most amazing relationship I could ask for.

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