Changing The Way We Think About Beauty Standards

You Can Love The Way You Look When You Wake Up In The Morning

The pressure is on as beauty standards for women are nearly unobtainable.

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Yesterday I woke up looking like this:


After a quick makeup application, taking ten minutes to curl my hair and five minutes spent taking the perfect Snapchat selfie with an amazing filter, my picture turned out like this:


Our Instagram Selfies Aren’t Who We Really Are

This is the after effect of me applying some make-up, doing my hair and angling my camera just right to take the perfect picture. Plus an added filter and a fake smile.

Nope, it’s not who I am but damn I look cute!

The pressure in this day and age to obtain perfection is more than anyone should have to handle. Beauty standards are incredibly high, especially beauty standards in America, and they keep rising. Self-esteem is at an all-time low in women.

Take a look at some of these crazy blog posts on beauty standards:

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It is drilled into our heads as women from when we are little that we have to do certain things in order to be beautiful, and even if we try some of us simply “don’t make the cut”. We compare ourselves to celebrities and people that have a team of artists to make them look different and a professional photographer.

As a busy mom blogger with a full-time job in marketing, I don’t put on make-up often but you can tell that I look different after spending only a little time on myself and adding a filter. The total time I took to put makeup on, do my hair and take a selfie was about thirty minutes.

Can you imagine, if like Kim Kardashian we had a professional do our make-up for FIVE HOURS? Can you imagine not really even being to recognize yourself? That is how far celebrities go to achieve their so-called perfection.

Now keep in mind this post isn’t to bash celebrities that wear a lot of makeup or get plastic surgery.

Let’s face it, we would all be at the very least tempted to get a five hour makeup routine or the best plastic surgery money can provide if given the opportunity. I know that if I were a celebrity, living around others who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their physical appearance who probably would pressure me to do the same. I would probably cave in myself.  This post to simply recognize that we all are beautiful and to remind  that those celebrities you see are human too. With makeup, plastic surgery, teeth whiteners, professional photographers, top skin care, photo filters and editors anyone can look like a star.

Every Woman I See, Celebrity Or Not Is Beautiful To Me

I know that sounds cliche, but just hear me out. We have all seen articles displaying celebrities without make-up. They look, well normal. But even without make-up they still use top of the line skincare, teeth whitening and hair products and some of them even get plastic surgery. Stars are on the same level as we are in terms of natural beauty. Why? Because God made us all beautiful in our own way. We are all unique and amazing. I love that.

So, instead of wanting to be different, or bashing other women who like to spend a lot of time on themselves (I even like to dress up and wear make-up from time to time) lets all bond together and love each other as well a be grateful for what we have. As long as you are doing what you want to do, continue doing it.

You go girl.

I would love to hear your opinion about this article and your thoughts on beauty standards in America/ beauty standards for women! Feel free to chime in below with your thoughts, suggestions, and/or comments. 

Holly, the imperfect momma. 

The Christian Working Mom Blog



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