4 Easy Crafts Made From Everyday Items

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Use these everyday items to create a fun and easy craft with your mini-me. No shopping trip needed!

Crafts and art projects encourage creativity and are an important tool for any developing mind. The crafts below are not only easy to do, but also are convenient because they are made from items you can either find in your house or your backyard. Here are four great craft projects that you can do right now to bond with your mini-me!

1. Paper Plates

You can create numerous art projects with paper plates! Paper plate crafts are extremely easy and fun for kids. My son and I loved making the projects shown below.

For the snake project, we first used bingo daubers to create the spots on the snake. Then we cut a coil shape and added the eyes and lips at the end.

For more ideas on paper plate crafts click here.



2. Rocks

Kids love rocks! Rocks are not only fun to search for but also fun to paint on! My son loves to collect rocks and wash them, and then sometimes we paint them! We recently created a bible theme rock set. So much fun!

Here are some additional rock project ideas: Click Here

FullSizeRender (2)


3. A Pan, Some Paint And Practically Any Small Plastic Toy 

There are unlimited options with this art project!  Just get a pan and add paint, paper and a toy! Your kids will think that it is super fun that they get to use their toys for art!

FullSizeRender (1)

4. Leaves.

There are many ways that you can reuse fallen leaves in your backyard.

In the example given below, my son and I painted several colors on  leaves using a paintbrush and then pressed them to the paper to create a vibrant leaf project. You can also do this fun leaf rubbing craft.






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